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February will be a month full of news in the mobile phone industry. A few days ago, we published a compilation of the major devices that would be Mobile World Congress (MWC) of Barcelona. However, as is well known, the Samsung will present its new range of phones, Galaxy S10days before the event.

The rumors and leaks are still surfing the net around the new South Korean company's bastion and within a month of its presentation we continue to be amazed at the features that this phone would have. If the filtered information is met, we will have three versions of the equipment: Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus.

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According to new data, now published by GSMarena technology portal, Samsung's most powerful model, the Galaxy S10 In addition, it would have technical specifications never seen in a terminal.
This model would stand out having storage up to 1 TB (Terabyte = 1000 GB) and 12 GB RAM, values ​​that would raise the price above 1,500 euros.

In addition, some of the information already known seems to be confirmed, such as the 6.4-inch screen size, its three rear cameras and its double front camera with a hole.

The resolution would outperform QHD + aspiring to win the best screen of 2019 to, possibly, the appearance of the Note generation, which usually appears in the second half of each year.

The well-known portal adds that the arrival of the Galaxy S10 will not take long, just two weeks after its introduction.
These phones will be presented on February 20 and will go on sale March 8.

Galaxy S10 | Price in dollars and euros

Just under a month to launch, they continue to know details of the new S10, now tied to its price, which has shaken social networks.

According to Italian portal Tutto Android, which in the past revealed characteristics of Samsung models and now the storage levels of the new S10, if a user wants to buy this phone, he will have to pay a good amount of money.

Samsung S10 prices


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