Fortnite | New filtered revolver capable of shooting down a rival with two shots | Battle Royale | Epic Games | Esports


More leaks in Fortnite. The dataminer Lucas7Yoshi shared in Twitter an image of the next weapon that will hit the popular Battle Royale.

Lucas7Yoshi he announced that the new Fortnite It will be a revolver with two unique versions: epic and legendary. "Fast, accurate and with a good blow, but with limited capacity"says his description.

The new revolver Fortnite he will have a damage of 63 in his epic version and 66 in the legendary. The markers will have a medium size and will trigger one and a half times each second (0.75 seconds between photos). The charger, in turn, will be six bullets and will take 1.9 / 1.8 seconds to recharge.

How good this weapon is in comparison with those already available in Fortnite? The heavy pistol, considered the best in its category, deals 75 damage in its epic version and 78 in the legendary, but its shot is 0.8 rounds per second.

It is not known when the new revolver will arrive, but will undoubtedly be the favorite weapon for those who have a prodigious goal in Fortnite.



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