Fortnite: Little Kevin's challenges are now available and you can complete them | video | real battle | Permeable well | PS4 | Xbox One | Video games


The explosion of the purple cube, whose official name is Kevin, was a big event at Fortnite, and is that thousands of users of Xbox one, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and cell phones witnessed the destruction of the structure, which gave rise to Well permeable and the new challenges of Little kevin.

The famous royal battle is in week 6 of the 6th season of Fortnite; however, Epic Games decided to add three challenges special so that users can get more experience and a backpacker accessory Little kevin.

The challenges of Little kevin in Fortnite they do not present any difficulty to be completed, since you can unlock them with your game routine; however, here we will explain how to do this quickly.

Get 5000 experience points

To complete this mission you need to make a little effort in the games, because you have to kill enemies, be in the top positions or complete the mission. challenges Fortnite magazines that have reward experience points. If you have the battle pass, remember that you have an extra bonus for completing all the challenges each week.

Play games

The only thing you should do is play 15 games alone or with your friends and finish them to lose or win.

Survive opponents

All you need to do is to survive 500 points of damage from any enemy for an indefinite number of games in the desired game mode.

As you can see, the three new challenges of Fortnite complement each other and you can finish all on the same day. Remember you only have a week to pick up the backpacker Little kevin.

These challenges de Fortnite: battle royale are available for users who play PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC or smartphone. Here we show in a video how youtuber "TheSlayer360" complete these challenges.


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