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Fortnite: Black Hole Shows The Visitor's Mysterious Code What They Mean | PHOTOS | VIDEO season 11 | Epic Games | The End Video Games

Fortnite's final season X event sparked conversations around the world. What would be the beginning of season 11 of the battle royale, from time to time altered by the presence of a Black Hole that absorbed everything from which they are appearing mysterious codes and that's what is known at the moment.

In addition, an audio and message appeared on Fortnite's Twitter account, leaving more questions than answers to what is happening with the battle royale today. On the other hand, the date on which he would return with season 11 would also have been discovered.

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What happened at Fortnite?

To put you in the context of what happens at Fortnite, we tell you what happened briefly. The rocket that was in Dusty Polvorín took off and caused a huge crack in the sky, so that the meteorite collided with the island and caused a Black Hole.

This uniqueness, as in real life, absorbed the entire map of Fortnite with all the players, and when they thought they were about to witness the new battle royale scenario, they were only on a black screen.

"The End" didn't just affect Fortnite as a video game, because the official battle royale accounts on social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch) would also have been absorbed as it only shows us a completely black image.

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Hours later, the same Black Hole that Fortnite has absorbed has revealed a series of codes that have caught users' attention. In addition, a mysterious message from the Visitor appeared, which would play an important role in everything that is happening.

The codes that appeared in the Black Hole So far, they are as follows: 11, 146, 15, 62, 87, 14, 106, 2, 150, 69, 146, 15, 36, 2, 176, 8, 160, 65. These numbers have been displayed with Voice messages. of The Visitor, which was shared on Fortnite's Twitter.

I was not alone

Others were out of the loop.

This has not been calculated.

Nothingness is now inevitable.#Fortnite

– Fortnite News (@FortniteBR) October 14, 2019

I was not alone. There were others outside the circuit. This has not been calculated. Nothing is inevitable ”

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El Vistante's message is not very clear, but it invites us to speculate about the future of Fortnite and what prepares us for season 11. Probably that Black Hole which takes hours to broadcast the battle royale is ultimately a bridge space to make way for the second chapter of the video game.

When does Fortnite come back?

As leaked on the App Store in Italy, where Fortnite Chapter 2. appears, on the other hand, the dataminer Lucas7Yoshi found in the battle royale codes that all will culminate on Tuesday, October 15, at 6 pm.

YOU CAN SEE Fortnite: "The End" Event Scares Battle Royale Users [VIDEO]

While others date next Thursday, as Epic Games generally updates Fortnite that day of the week, then it would be the same for battle royale season 11.

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