Monday , March 1 2021

Five Tips for Strong, Healthy Bones | Doctor Perez Albela Health

The key is to understand and understand that there is a relationship between muscle and bone, so I will give the following tips:

1 To move. Bone problems can reach any age. Although the person is young, If you do not move for two weeks, you will start to develop diseases such as osteopenia and osteoporosis.

2) Walk up the stairs, do weights, ride, ride a bike, avoid sitting for a long time.

3) Sunbathe. The body produces vitamin D with the help of sun and cholesterol. Look for the sun at least once a week, wearing light clothing.

4) Control what you eat. Avoid foods that favor acidity: excess meat and sugar, because they acidify the body. And when that happens, the body seeks alkalinization, which extracts calcium from bones.

5. It should be clear that bone problems are not only caused by lack of calcium, but also by the loss of calcium. Calcium is lost when we lack physical activity or experience periods of high stress.

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