Wednesday , June 23 2021

Fence: Municipality of Lima closed clandestine brothels that operated under the facade of a massage center | Photo 1 of 4 | Police

In one operation, the Municipality of Lima, the National Police and the Public Prosecution intervened 11 tents of the Unicachi commercial gallery that operated under the facade of a massage center, but which were in fact clandestine brothels.

In the establishment, located in the jirón Montevideo 581 (Cercado de Lima), the authorities found that women served clients in precarious modules. They also found used and new condoms, rodent droppings, cockroaches, garbage cans in poor hygienic conditions, as well as dirty walls and floors.

The municipal inspectors found that the safety standards for the public were not met and that no booth had the certificate of Civil Defense.

Therefore, the Municipality of Lima closed 9 of the 11 modules involved and imposed 25% of ITU fines on all posts because they did not have adequate health infrastructure and imposed a sanction from ITU for failing to comply with security measures.

Of the 23 women who intervened, the police identified 8 Venezuelans, 1 Colombian and 14 Peruvians, including one minor. Foreigners will be transferred to the Immigration Division of the PNP because they do not have a temporary residence permit.

As for the minor, your case will go to the Family Attorney for investigating the law, because he was apparently brought from a village in the province of Lamas (San Martín) and would be the victim of sexual exploitation.

According to police sources, two people being interviewed will be investigated for the crime of child trafficking and prostitution, since the women indicated that they paid 50% of the profits to these people.

During the operation, a vehicle stolen from the F7U-635 plate was also recovered and a commercial drug micro-compound was stuck with 145 packets of cocaine basic paste.

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