Fabio Fognini dethrones Rafa Nadal in the semifinals of Monte Carlo


After 18 consecutive victories in the Monte Carlo Masters 1000, the second empire of Rafa Nadal in the Monegasque mud came to an end. Fabio Fognini, a warrior of calm walking and endless talent, he performed the miracle in two sets (6-4, 6-2) thanks to a tennis of many carats and the head of great occasions, which he used on other occasions to overthrow the Balearic It was the wind, it was the clouds, it could have been many things, but the only thing that really happened on the Rainier III Trail was that the whole world stopped to watch the king fall. He was defeated by Fabio, a prince with whom we should always count on a spring tour that begins with a great surprise

The game is divided into several chapters, this we could see from the beginning. In the first set, for example, Rafa begins to lose his service and the alarms fire. Fabio knows that the beginnings are vital and this event he likes, he puts, but he also knows that he has to defend it. However, the Italian pays the wear of that long first game and ends up giving up the next three. The 3-1 might well have been the San Remo player's sentence, not just the first round. Being on the ground in Monte Carlo in the semifinals and with Nadal on the other side, how many times would have been enough with a start of 3-1! It was not here, since Fabio wanted mambo. He arrived at 4-4 with a very strange game, full of talent by the Italian, but also some errors. He commanded and the Spaniards did not like it.

In the end, playing with these cards ends up bringing some more dangerous cards, some of which you do not want to play if you have an inexplicable mage like Fognini in front of you. The little Italian at the exact moment and knew how to close when he played, two impossible to see at this stage of the game. The 6-4 threatened the storm, but the rain would not fall from the sky. The shower was poured just after the first set, where Fabio was loaded with inspiration to bother his rival Remember Rio de Janeiro 2015? Barcelona 2015? US Open 2015? It was three difficult afternoons to forget, afternoons when the nervous boy preferred to play quietly and where the calm guy ended up impotent.

With 5-0 and 40-0, each and every one of the journalistic worlds, and tennis in particular, were signed and sent. Who could lift something like that? Point by point, Manacor took that match. This could already be validated by a small miracle. Then came the second, going from 5-0 to 5-2. Here some have begun to murmur, remembering the ancient battles of this competitive animal that is capable of not throwing the towel, even if they are cutting it among fifty men. Fabio went through that little tunnel of terror so common every time you see that it is really possible, that you are about to defeat Nadal on the clay. The fright turned to revert in confidence and the Italian put the last piece. Tomorrow, after a memorable feat, he'll fight to clinch his first Masters 1000 title.


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