Wednesday , October 20 2021

Exchange rate: the dollar started the week with this quote


The US currency rose at the beginning of today, monday, june 10. Until 10:31 the dollar quoted up to S / 3,336 at the interbank level. One level 0.24% bigger than the Friday closing S / 3.328.

The price of the dollar is due to the greater demand for money in the local market. In other countries in the region, the green varied performance.

While, globally, the US currency increased by 0.21% following the agreement between the United States and Mexico to avoid the application of tariffs. Another factor that influenced this result is the decline in the price of gold.

Price of the dollar

The money changers report a purchase price of S / 3,300 and S / 3,350 for sale, while in the exchange offices the purchase is S / 3,315 and the sale in S / 3,340.

In the main banking entities the price of buy is S / 3.315 and sale S / 3.425 about.

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