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Epidemiological alert was declared in Buenos Aires for another case of rubella


The country's Ministry of Health has recently declared an epidemiological alert in Buenos Aires, motivated to confirm a case of rubella in the city. The affected one was a boy of 7 years who was not vaccinated; About a month ago, another case was detected, but in Cordoba, and moreover, it was imported.

On this occasion, the child in question arrived at the hospital on May 8, with rashes, lymphadenopathy, cough and phlegm in the upper airways.

"O if confirmed by serology, having verified the seroconversion of IgG in paired samples, "explained the Secretariat.

For this reason, in response to the epidemiological alert in Buenos Aires Health teams were asked to "intensify surveillance" in cases of feverish exanthematic diseases.

"Given the suspicion of a rubella case in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the Ministry of Health of the Nation issued this Epidemiological Alert with the objective of keeping active the epidemiological surveillance system of Febrile Exanthematic Disease, which allows to implement in a timely manner of prevention and control, "says the statement.

The text goes on to state: "Women of childbearing age deserve special importance. They should be vaccinated to prevent the occurrence of congenital rubella syndrome; reinforce the importance of vaccination in women of childbearing age, "the statement said.

From the agency they added that the source of the infection is under investigationand that the contacts are under follow-up. They reported that one of the accompanying cases showed compatible rash, is the baby's brother, with outstanding laboratory results.

epidemiological alert in Buenos Aires

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About the disease

Rubella is a contagious viral infection that is distinguished by a characteristic rash. Although it shares the red rash with measles, it is caused by a different virus, so it is not as infectious.

Authorities recommend a dose of MMR vaccine (measles-rubella-mumps) between 12 months and 4 years of age. After five years, two doses with double or triple viral must be believed.

Vaccination is not recommended for those born before 1965 because they are considered immune to the disease.

epidemiological alert in Buenos Aires

In the case of a possible case of rubella, it is recommended to inform the health authorities immediately. There they will collect samples for etiological diagnosis, through a blood sample and nasopharyngeal swab; as well as the patient's isolation up to seven days after the onset of the rash, to prevent infection.

The disease, according to the statement of the Secretary of Health, was completely eradicated in 2009thanks to the vaccination system. From that point until the end of 2018, only four cases were detected.

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