Thursday , August 5 2021

Elections 2021: Abel Salinas withdraws his presidential candidacy at APRA pltc

Former Health Minister Abel Salinas Rivas refused his candidacy for the presidency of Peru on Peruvian Aprista Party before the 2021 general elections.

In a declaration to The Republic, the doctor also by profession confirmed that He will no longer run for APRA’s internal elections on November 29.

However, despite withdrawing from the electoral dispute, Abel Salinas announced that he will “technically support” all candidates who decide to participate in the party’s internal elections.

He also assured that he will give the same support to whoever is elected to represent the party on April 11.

“Each one has many things to contribute, mine will be in the technical aspect. For now, I will support all candidatess. Finally, I will continue to do it to whoever is the winner to represent the party. I will support you decisively “, he told this newspaper.

Likewise, he thanked the group of Aprista activists who came to support him before his decision, but gave no further details about it.

“I am very grateful for all the demonstrations of affection and support that I have had,” he added.

On the other hand, the participation of businessman Roque Benavides in the APRA stages was also ruled out, in view of the April 11 elections.

that was Nidia vilchez, pre-candidate for the presidency of the party, who informed about the decision of the former head of the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (Confiep) not to participate in the next elections.

However, he ensured that Benavides will collaborate in the realization of the government plan of the Star party.

“He (Roque Benavides) will work alongside the government plan team. He’s not running for Congress, he’s not running for the presidential candidate list. He will be an important part of the technical team to propose our points of view and a plan that will take this country out of the crisis, ”he told Canal N. last Thursday.

It should be remembered that, after his alliance with Christian People’s Party (PPC) for the 2016 presidential elections, APRA obtained only 5.83% of the votes, which was the last appointment of former President Alan García.

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