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Elecciones 2020 | Reelection of disgruntled congressmen to be seen in double instance, dice JNE | Cierre del Congreso | Fuerza Popular | Politics

The participation of them disgruntled congressmen in the parliamentary elections of the 26 of the year of 2020 to be evaluated in the double judicial instance, reiterated the director of Supervision of the National Judge of Elections (JNE), Yesica Clavijo.

The expert explained that this measure is why among its functions it is “absolving general questions not referred to concrete cases” and indicates the consultation on some ex-parliamentarians may postulate it not a particular case.

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This corresponds to the question about whether political parties may be canceled if they are not complying with the established reforms, as they will get 5% of the election or not to participate in the rallies, due to the fact that they are going to be executed. general elections but in congresales soil.

“There is a guarantee of the double instance in the administration of electoral justice and that is the first pronouncement of the special electoral jurors. The cautious administration that in an electoral process has the possibility of a first reasoned pronouncement and that before the concrete cases of appeal to the Judge who has pronounced itself, ”stated in an interview with RPP News.

According to article 5 on item P from there Organic Law of the National Election Judge, the institution has the function of “acquitting the general consultations regarding specific cases, which the Special Electoral Jurors and the other bodies of the Electoral System formulate on the application of the electoral laws”.

New requirements for plazos

Clavijo comments that this week will issue new resolutions that detail the plots of requirements to participate in the congressional elections.

The sign that these correspond to the reform that modifies the Organic Law of Parties, in which it is specified that candidates for primary elections will have at least six months of party affiliation before primary elections.

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“In all that is not foreseen in the resolution as in the situations in which the law currently establishes resignations and licenses of 6 months and of course the pleas in the calanza, if to issue the dispositions of the case. Hay closes that materially are impossible to comply with the normative ”, commented.

New Congresists in Marzo

On the other hand, the representative of JNE I comment that at the end of February or at the beginning of March, as a maximum, the electoral process must be completed and given credentials to the new congregations. I indicated that these are the new members of Parliament who are able to take over their functions in their new office.

I reiterate that political parties are now obliged to abide by their internal norms such as the statute, electoral regulation and the internal elections.

I pointed out that the JNE will be dedicated to overseeing their lives postulants al Congreso, because this infringement is the worst recurring and therefore eliminates the candidacy in the process.

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