Tuesday , January 19 2021


More than two thousand residents of the “El Varillalito” settlement have benefited from the civic action “Muni en tu casa”, organized by the municipality of San Juan Bautista through the Social Inclusion Management and other agencies.

In this activity, medical assistance was provided, with the participation of doctors, nurses and obstetricians from the El Varillal Health Post and IPRES San Juan, also giving medicines totally free of charge. He also received a haircut with the support of CETPRO Belén. The Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation participated with the registration and guidance of residents, and of the elderly by employees in relation to Social Security 65.

Luis Mario Barreto, on behalf of the mayor of San Juan, expressed his satisfaction with the achievements achieved in this first activity, the “Muni at his home” in this regard said: “We are reaching more residents of the district, with the areas of OMAPED, Civil Defense , SISFOH, Social Inclusion, Social Programs, Glass of Milk, among others. ”At the same time, home fumigation was carried out to prevent dengue, cultivate areas, collect waste, etc.

“The support received from IPRESS San Juan is very important, they were treated in general medicine and other specialties,” he said.

Within this framework, basic food baskets and lunch were shared and shared with the entire population. A potable water tank was provided for use in the local market.

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