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The complete Congress 120 days are granted to the Education, Youth and Sport Commission to investigate alleged irregularities in the process of "drafting, editing, school texts distributed by the Ministry of Education.

The original proposal envisaged the creation of a special working group for this case, but finally a substitute text was adopted in which this function is attributed to the commission chaired by Milagros Salazar, of the Popular Force.

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The motion was accepted with 69 votes in favor, 21 against and 7 abstentions. 46 approvals were required for its approval. 96 parliamentarians attended the plenary session.

The document affirms that this investigation is attributed to the efforts of Idel Vexler, of the period of Alan García; Patricia Salas, from the government of Ollanta Humala; Jaime Saavedra, from the Humala period and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski; and Daniel Alfaro and Flor Pablo, from the Martín Vizcarra period.

After Fuerza Popular presented the motion to challenge the minister Pablo, President Martín Vizcarra said he respects the mechanisms of Parliament.

"[Pablo] will have to go, fulfilling what corresponds, to Congress to explain everything we are doing in favor of education as a whole and specifically how to correct the mistakes that were found, "said the head of state.
The controller will also investigate the case of the texts.


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