DT Academy Cantolao dies after being victim of an assault in Villa El Salvador


Sad news. The coach of the Academy Cantolao, Richard Gustavo Palomino Sanchez He was killed in a robbery in Villa El Salvador.

It all happened when Palomino Sánchez returned home after buying from a pharmacy on Calle 14 of the association Villa Jesus. He was intercepted by two individuals, who were aboard a motorcycle-taxi and, according to witnesses at the scene, Richard tried to resist the theft of his cell phone when he was shot in the head.

Cantolao Academy issued a statement, lamenting the death of the coach of the club's lower categories: "Richard Palomino had worked as coach of Academia Cantolao in the Ate subsidiary for 6 years, during which he sought to convey the club's values ​​to his students," indicated in the declaration.

"On behalf of the institution, we send our deepest condolences and great strength to your family and friends," Cantolao ends in this version.

Declaration of Cantolao

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