Dollar reports fall sharply, how much is it quoted?


At the beginning of today's exchange session, Thursday, June 20, the dollar recorded a strong drop at the global level. This is due to the announcement by the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) of a possible interest rates.

In Peru, from the 12:05. the exchange rate was set at S / 3.308 interbank, according to Bloomberg. This value is 0.69% lower than the S / 3.331 of the previous day.

According Reuters, the results of today's international market They forced hedge funds to get rid of the US currency. The dollar fell back 0.5% in front of six different currencies and is on the way to greatest sequence of defeats two days since February last year.

Quotation for buying and selling

The exchange rate on the street is in S / 3,290 for sale and S / 3,330 for sale. In exchange houses, it is bought at S / 3.30 and sold at S / 3.34. While in the main banking entities the US currency has a purchase price of S / 3,230 the purchase and S / 3,370 the sale.


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