Monday , March 1 2021

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El dollar price in Peru closed the journey to the end with renewed hopes that it will learn UK y la European Union (EU) for an orderly exit from the block.

According to Reserve Central Bank (BCR), el exchange type closed at S / 3.34 at interbank prices, due to the fact that S / 3,350 were registered at the center of Jueves. On the other hand, in the parallel market, the price of the dollar was sold at S / 3,335 on the purchase and S / 3,360 on the sale.

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At the beginning of the journey, the green billet shows a slight drop in the first operations of the exchange journey for a lesser aversion to the risk of a possible achievement reached between them. UK y la European Union (EU) for an orderly exit from the block.

As noted, the British Prime Minister, Boris johnsonaseguró un acuerdo de Brexit with her EU the judges, at which time they must obtain the approval of the Parliament in an extraordinary session to take the path of the march towards the 31st of October. Otherwise, the country could face a chaotic exit from there. EU which would have an adverse impact on investment and economic growth.

El dollar indexwhich compares the green billet with a basket of six outstanding coins, cayó a 0.31%. In the week, the index lost 1%, in its weekly performance in 17.

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