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DirecTV LIVE TNT LIVE Basketball NBA LIVE State Warriors vs Clippers ONLINE via TNT Sports ESPN NBA Reddit NBA Twitter Live Stream TV Stephen Curry VIDEO

DirecTV LIVE TNT Basketball NBA Warriors vs Clippers ONLINE on ESPN. Stephen Curry will have a vibrant challenge against former Toronto Raptors player Kawhi Leonard on Thursday, October 24 at the Chase Center due to the regular season duel NBA. follow him POINT TO POINT track back INTERNET per Libero.pe.


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Watch Clippers ONLINE vs Golden State Warriors game via DirecTV and TNT Sports

Follow all the details.


– Started Q2 at Chase Center!


– End of the first quarter! Clippers defeat the Warriors 35-29.

– Patrick Beverley from Clippers.

Attention! The game between Warriors and Clippers has begun.

“Warriors don't give in to the Clippers and fight.

– Tremendous basket from Ivica Zubac to the Clippers.

– The five holders of Clippers.

– The five titular players of the Warriors.

Previous Warriors vs Clippers

The strategist of WarriorsSteve Kerr has been pessimistic about goalkeeper Klay Thompson's chances of recovery this season at NBA. For this reason, the responsibility to win the Clippers will go back to Stephen Curry.

Thompson recovers from a severe cruciate ligament injury to his left knee during the sixth NBA final game that the Warriors played and lost to the Toronto Raptors.


Although Warriors general manager Bob Myers said last month that Thompson could be recovered after All-Star Party Kerr, during an interview with local television network NBC Sports Bay, said he was not so optimistic. .

Warriors vs LAC LIVE

"It's unlikely to play this year," said Kerr. "We have to assume and understand this to make our best team game in the new season ahead."

On the side of ClippersKawhi Leonard shone during his debut with the Los Angeles team, averaging 30 points to defeat LeBron James's LaBers as well as rookie Anthony Davis (112-102).

Leonard, who also added 6 rebounds and 5 assists, was joined by Lou Williams and his 21 points on some exciting and very choral Clippers who, with this first win, confirm that they aspire to this year's NBA.

Leonard, MVP (best player) of the 2019 Toronto Raptors finals, debuted as the leader of the Clippers and now he hopes to repeat this presentation on Thursday against the Warriors Stephen Curry

What time does Warriors vs Lakers LIVE live on TNT Sports and ESPN Play?

Peru: 9:30 pm
Mexico City (Downtown): 9:30 pm
Mexico (Pacific, Sonora): 7:30 pm
Mexico (Northwest): 20h30
Ecuador: 9:30 pm
United States (Los Angeles): 7:30 pm
United States (Texas): 9:30 pm
United States (Miami): 8:30 pm
Colombia: 9:30 pm
Argentina: 11:30 pm
Spain: 3:30 am (Saturday, 19 October)
Spain (Canary Islands): 2:30 am (Saturday, 19 October)
Uruguay: 11:30 pm
Paraguay: 11:30 pm
Chile: 10:30 pm
Brazil: 12:30
Bolivia: 10:30 pm
Venezuela: 10:30 pm
Canada: 10:30 pm
Costa Rica: 8:30 pm
Guatemala: 8:30 pm
Honduras: 8:30 pm
El Salvador: 8:30 pm
Puerto Rico: 10:30 pm
Dominican Republic: 10:30 pm
Panama: 9:30 pm
Italy: 3:30 am (Saturday, October 19)
France: 3:30 am (Saturday, 19 October)
Germany: 3:30 am (Saturday, 19 October)
Portugal: 3h30 (Saturday, October 19th)
Netherlands: 3h30. (Saturday, October 19)
England: 2:30 am (Saturday, 19 October)

Which channel broadcasts Warriors x Clippers in the NBA?

Peru: ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Play.
United States: NBA Leagues.
Spain: Eurosport, Eurosport 1, DAZN and Movistar.
Mexico: ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Play.
Colombia: ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Play.
Argentina: ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Play.
Chile: ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Play.
Uruguay: ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Play.
Paraguay: ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Play.
Ecuador: ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Play.
Venezuela: ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Play.
Honduras: ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Play.
Costa Rica: ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Play.

Which channel can you watch Warriors vs Clippers on

The broadcast of the match is DirecTV Sports, TNT Sports, ESPN and NBA League Pass.

When do Warriors vs Clippers play?

The Warriors and Clippers will face this Thursday, October 24, at the Chase Center.

Where to watch DirecTV LIVE Warriors vs Clippers | TV channel guide

Exclusive channels for Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela and Ecuador.

DirecTV Sports 1: Channel 610 (SD) and Channel 1610 (HD).
DirecTV Sports 2: Channel 612 (SD) and Channel 1612 (HD).
DirecTV Sports 3: Channel 613 (SD) and Channel 1613 (HD).

How to watch ESPN LIVE Warriors vs Clippers | TV channels

Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela): Channel 621 (SD) and Channel 1610 (HD).
Sky Sports (Mexico and Dominican Republic): Channel 548 (SD) and Channel 1550 (HD).
Movistar TV (Peru, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela): Channel 480 (SD) and Channel 884 (HD).
Movistar TV Peru: Channel 501 (SD) and Channel 740 (HD).
VTR Chile: Channel 26 (Iquique), Channel 28 (Antofagasta) and Channel 48 (Santiago).
Dibox Argentina: Channel 100 (HD).
Argentina Superchannel: Channel 14 (Analog), Channel 102 (Digital) and Channel 1000 (HD).
Cablevisión Flow Argentina: Channel 102 (HD).
Of course Argentina TV: Channel 106 (HD).
Movistar TV Chile: Channel 480 (SD) and Channel 460 (HD).
Movistar TV Argentina: Channel 200 (HD).
Altice Dominican Republic: Channel 350 (SD) and Channel 460 (HD).
Aster Dominican Republic: Channel 27.
Wind TV Dominican Republic: Channel 136 (SD) and Channel 401 (HD).

Where to watch TNT Sports LIVE Warriors vs Clippers | TV channels

Andean Channel 201 (HD)
Color television cable: Channel 6 and Channel 61 (HD)
Telecentre: Channel 207
DirecTV Sports: Channel 603 (SD) and Channel 1603 (HD)
InTV: Channel 630 (HD)
Cablevision: Channel 124 (Digital) and Channel 604 (HD)
TeleRed: Channel 59 (Digital) and Channel 129 (HD)
Express Cablehogar: Channel 113 (Digital) and Channel 813 (HD)
Cabletel: Channel 214 (HD)
Digital Cable Video: Channel 140 (SD)
Superchannel: Channel 608 (HD)
TV Del Viento: Channel 530 (HD)
Gigared: Channel 219 (HD)
CCC: Channel 265 (Digital) and Channel 1511 (HD)
The Four: Channel 625 (HD).
Color view of the bay: Channel 107 (HD). Channel 1 and Channel 116 (HD)
Color TV Cable: Channel 1 and Channel 116 (HD)
Vision of Ushuala: Channel 639 (HD)
AVC Video Cable: Channel 275 (HD)
TelViso: Channel 1126 (HD)
Cable 10: Channel 925 (HD)
TVCOA: Channel 110 (SD) and Channel 1110 (HD)
Cablevision Stream: Channel 124 (HD) and Channel 604 (HD)
Claro TV: Channel 121 (HD)
Movistar TV: Channel 250 (HD)
Dibox: Channel 639 (HD).



18.00 Detroit Pistons vs Atlanta Hawks
19.00 Houston Rockets vs Milwaukee Bucks
21.30 Golden State Warriors vs LA Clippers

Where Warriors vs Lakers LIVE play at Chase Center

Chase Center is a sports hall in the Mission Bay area of ​​San Francisco. hosts basketball games as a new venue for the Golden State Warriors franchise, which belongs to the National Basketball Association.

NBA Live Streaming Reddit | Warriors vs Clippers

The most complete service for the most demanding. The NBA League Pass offers all games played throughout the season, including All-Star, playoffs and finals, with the advantage of being able to play multiple simultaneous games on one computer. (We're talking over 1,200 games in total.) It can be viewed on the following devices: Computer, Smartphone (iPhone, Android), Tablet (iPad, Android), Apple TV, Chromecast, and Xbox One.

Warriors vs Clippers | Formations

WarriorsStephen Curry, Angelo Russell, Glenn Robinson, Draymond Green and Kevon Looney.

Clippers: Patrick Beverley, Landry Shamet, Kawhi Leonard, Patrick Patterson, Ivica Zubac.

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