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Dark: What is the criticism saying about the second season of the German series Netflix? | Drama Reviews | TV | Series

Dark Season Critic 2 | Year and a half after his surprise introduction in Netflix"Dark"He returned to the streaming service with his second season, marked just six months after the destruction of the wormhole that made Winden an unconventional city six months later, but always in different timelines.

The Jonas of the year 2019 is in the future in 2052, and his priority is to stop the event that is destined to end civilization and kill his loved ones in the year 2020. What will you do to fulfill your mission? This continues to be seen.

Meanwhile, look at what critics have said about the second season of "Dark", available in full Netflix from Friday, June 21:

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► Everything you need to know about the second season of "Dark"


  • "In introducing complex issues about determinism and free will, along with its religious implications, Dark has high narrative ambitions and continues preaching at every turn. In the four episodes designed for critics, Dark goes through his every story more complicated and fills with steam as more and more layers are discovered, which creates even more questions as the others are answered.But the reason why everything works and it never seems so wild or as if it's happening a lot quick is that the story is based on the emotions of the characters. "


  • "Despite his often somber tone, Dark is sometimes a cheerfully extravagant and highly capable genre.But this fidelity to his classification and his willingness to achieve extravagant purposes to achieve his narrative goals is what makes the series so entertaining at first place ".


  • "The second season of" Dark "paves the way for a great result, the road is a bit slow and clearly goes from less to more, however it is worth getting into your game as the series continues to explore the same elements as the They identify in a very correct way, all this along with the strong personality that has acquired over time does more than sharpen the expectation of knowing the output of a puzzle difficult to solve.


  • "Initially & # 39;Darkexplored the confrontation between determinism and free will; He wondered whether the past can be neutralized or not just impossible, but we are doomed to the cyclic repetition of all of the above. But as the action progressed, it was revealed as a depressing essay on eternalism, a philosophical current according to which the future already exists and all points in time are connected. The past has not changed, nor the future. "


Dark Season 2 | Jonas

How will Jonas do to survive the future? (Video: Dark / Netflix)


Created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, "Dark"It's a German series of Netflix, the first that the company produces in this country, which follows the drama of a group of families interconnected through time in the sleepy town of Winden where nothing is as it seems.

Winden is home to a wormhole that allows time travel in 33-year intervals, although it is also the trigger for a catastrophic event that would end with the entire world.

Prior to its release, "Dark"was compared to"Weird stuff"of the disappearance of a child in a small town, but as the chapters went by, the German series stood out by itself as a time-travel thriller so intricate that it is difficult to keep up with it not only because of its various lines of time, but also by the evolution of their characters.

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