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Congress Closes: 84% Support Parliament's Constitutional Dissolution | Politics

Amid a divided debate between constitutionalists and an industry still refusing to accept this week's political events, 84% of Peruvians favor President Martin Vizcarra's decision to dissolve Congress, according to the latest urban-national opinion poll. conducted by the Peruvian Institute of Studies (IEP) to The Republic.

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The study was conducted October 2-4, in seven departments of the country, with a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of 2.8%.

According to the survey, acceptance at the end of Parliament It is even higher in the center of the country, where 91% support the measure. Meanwhile, in socioeconomic terms, in sectors A and B, the decision to Vizcarra It is supported by 90%.

Caesar Landa Arroyo, former president of the Constitutional Court (TC), considers that this support reflects that citizenship was no longer represented in the Legislature.

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"With this poll, public opinion expresses strength in passing a decision that allowed them to regain the right to elect a new Congress, as they had already lost confidence in a Parliament that blinded political and judicial corruption," Landa reflects. Lithuania, where he participates in an academic event with experts who, as he points out, also expressed their support for the measure adopted in Peru.

Carmen Ilizarbe Pizarro, professor at the School of Government and Public Policy at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), also highlights the clear support for the determination of the Executive. "These numbers speak of solid support for the president for having shown firmness in ending the open confrontation between Congress and the executive that has characterized this government since its inception in 2016," he says.

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Former President Pedro Cateriano Bellido believes that this support for citizenship is the result and the answer to everything the Popular Force has done since losing the general election three years ago.

"It's something we've been through since Keiko Fujimori lost the election, it's not a fact that has come overnight. This result is the result of nearly three years of abuse and even constitutional violations," he says.

Constitutional measure

On the other hand, according to the survey, 70% of respondents think President Vizcarra "acted in accordance with the Constitution" and only 22% take the measure as "a coup d'état".

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“Sometimes it is intended to separate politician from juridical, as if the latter were unkind and should not be mixed with the former. However, these results show the need to interpret legal norms in the light of social reality, ”reflects Sandra Miranda De Paz, constitutionalist of the PUCP.

“After this constitutional dissolution of Congress, citizens go to the polls to legitimize the government or turn their backs. That's what democracy is all about today, constitutionalizing politics rather than politicizing justice, ”he adds.

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The caption of TC César Landa indicates that this 70% support for the measure's constitutionality reveals “that the people understand that the Constitution is not only a norm, but also involves decisions; what in the law is called "constitutional sentiment" and mainly shows that Parliament did not represent them by favoring corruption. "

Democrat or dictator

Citizens were also asked how they consider Vizcarra, after Congress closes: 76% say he is a Democrat, while 14% say he is a dictator.

Similarly, 76% recognize him as Peru's constitutional president, and only 20% believe that there is no president, because of the decision to suspend him that the already dissolved Congress adopted on Monday afternoon.

Not a blank check

On the other hand, according to the research by IEP, the level of acceptance for the management of Vizcarra rises from 40% that had until September to 75%. That is 35 points after the closing of the Congress.

Carmen Ilizarbe warns that this support should not be taken as a blank check, given the levels of disapproval that Vizcarra management had already reached.

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"The president should keep an eye on the backward and generally ignored claims during this administration, but also on previous ones, almost always concerned exclusively with securing macroeconomic growth numbers and neglecting the quality and living conditions of the vast majority." goal.

Ilizarbe argues that the president should "maintain open and direct communication with the public," given the character of his plebiscite leadership, which depends on citizen approval.

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Pedro Cateriano believes the president should take this support very cautiously. According to Vizcarra, "he will no longer have a political excuse for not achieving effective government and will no longer have an aggressive majority blocking his initiatives."

It also calls on citizens to be vigilant. “The government must ensure that parliamentary elections are free, neutral and democratic. This is a big task for the cabinet led by Vicente Zeballos, ”he emphasizes.

Vizcarra asks citizens to choose the authorities that really represent them

President Martín Vizcarra thanked Trujillo yesterday for his open support for his decision to close Congress and urged citizens to evaluate their future representatives well in the face of the new parliamentary elections he called for January 26, 2020.

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“Thank you for the support you have given me in making the most important decisions. The decision we made was aimed at overcoming a long imprisonment that led us over three years to two confronted state powers, harming the entire population, ”he said, underlining the constitutional nature of the decision.

The president also highlighted the maturity of citizenship after the measure adopted. “While the vast majority of the population supported the measure, there was no act of violence to confirm, it was the maturity of the people, the will of the people that was finally imposed with the support of the law, the constitution and the strengthening of democracy.” , he stated.

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At another time, the president referred to the parliamentary elections and called for a good evaluation of future candidates. "Citizens, let's take some time for evaluation and reflection to see within their jurisdiction who they really want to work for in their region and thus have authorities who really represent them," he said.

When questioned by the press about the election rules, Vizcarra emphasized that "electoral reelection is prohibited" and, in this line, highlighted the electoral institutions to ensure compliance with this already approved reform.

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