Congress: Change of 21 offices presented to reorganize commissions | Politics


The bank of Change 21 presented a document to the President of the CongressDaniel Salaverry, where he calls for commissions to be restructured within Parliament.

The document bearing the signature of the parliamentary group's spokesman, Lucio Ávila, calls for "the urgent restructuring of the composition of the Directing Council, Standing Committee, Regular Committees, Investigative Commissions and Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges, in order to guarantee the full functioning and representative of the new banks ".

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Orange crisis and redistribution of parliamentary council

The Liberal Bank also sent a similar request last Friday to Salaverry to restructure Parliament's committees so that they comply with "the principles of plurality and proportionality" set out in the Legislative Regulation.

"We are asking for participation as soon as possible and that this participation is proportional to the relative weight of each of the parliamentary groups, which is what the rules of Congress determine," said the group's spokesman. parliamentarian, Gino Costa, to El Comercio.


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