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Chespirito | “El chavo del 8”: Carlos Villagrán’s wife ‘Quico’ shares unpublished photos of the cast | Roberto Gómez Bolaños | Florinda meza

Carlos Villagrán and other actors from “El chavo del 8” they appeared in unpublished photos from one of his trips. Gache Rivera, wife of the popular ‘Quico’ He used his social media account to share a series of snapshots with the cast of the Mexican series as they shot some scenes.

These images were taken in the dressing rooms of the “Poliedro de Caracas” Stadium when they went on tour to Venezuela in the late 1970s. “They are my great treasure “, wrote the woman, who thrilled fans of “Chespirito”.

In the photos, he appears smiling next to Ramón Valdés ‘Don Ramón’; Also with Florinda Meza ‘Doña Florinda’; Angelines Fernández ‘The Witch of 71’, posed accompanied by Rubén Aguirre ‘Professor Girafas’ Y Édgar Vivar ‘Señor Barriga’.

Comments have not stopped on the networks and fans hope that, at some point, it can run. “The boy of 8“on the small screen. As you remember, comedy-fiction stopped broadcasting around the world, after Televisa had a disagreement with the Chespirito Group, currently led by the children of Roberto Gómez Bolaños.


The working relationship lasted eight years Carlos Villagrán and Roberto Gómez Bolaños. In 1978, Quico disappeared from the neighborhood. And, according to the actor who played him, his departure from the series was due to the envy aroused by the interpretation of his character.

“I was removed from the program because Quico was more popular. For the characteristics of the same character. El Chavo was simpler, more gray. And Quico attracted a lot of attention, “said Villagrán on an Argentine channel last year.

The charge was not new. And before her, Gomez Bolaños He used to respond in interviews that he always respected Villagrán’s resignation and even gave him permission to use the character. The output of QuicoHowever, it left a vacuum and, years later, a rights dispute in 2000.


A few weeks ago, a video of the renowned Florinda meza, and in that, she shared her impressions after hearing the news. Sadness was inevitable at first, because people would stop taking full advantage of the comic space Pandid-19 pandemic.

“I understand them, I understand them, they were hurt. I also felt hurt because I don’t need the program financially, but it was a way to feel that my Rober was alive Roberto, Chespirito and everyone on the show, all the characters will stay alive as long as you remember them, ”said the 71-year-old star.


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