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The Cotabambas Research Prep Court ordered the arrest of lawyers Frank and Jorge Chávez Sotelo, also of the president of the community of Fuerabamba Gregorio Rojas and the comuneros Edison Vargas Huamanga, Carlos Vargas Arizabal, Rafael Valdivia Bolivar and Noemí Portilla Vargas.

In addition, the court authorized the disclosure of the secrecy of the communications of the seven investigated that we publish next.

► Las Bambas: a 50-day blockade and losses of US $ 300 million

► The prosperity of the leaders of the Fuerabamba community


Interior Minister Carlos Moran said this afternoon on Channel N that Los Chavez Sotelo They used the comuneros to extort Las Bambas and have been operating for several years. "We insist and insist that this conflict can be solved peacefully," he said, noting that the judiciary and the prosecution have to determine the responsibility of those identified.

Audacity of extortion: Chavez Sotelo used the comuneros to extort Las Bambas. (Recreation Peru21)

Audios of extortion 1: Chavez Sotelo used the comuneros to extort money from Las Bambas. (Recreation Peru21)


DATE: 02/01/2019 TIME: 21:18:34


RAFAEL: Where's the doctor?
RAFAEL: And I was not going to the doctor today to talk (UNINTELIGIBLE), will not you come?
JORGE: Fucking prostitute, I'm going to leave early or you do not see that I've been in Yavi Yavi
RAFAEL: Already
JORGE: Ya, so I'm waiting for the car to arrive and we just stole it
RAFAEL: Where are you going, where are you going to come to Cusco? You tell me you're gone or came (Unintelligible).
JORGE: From CUSCO I'm going out to KIRAN oe
RAFAEL: But we need to reach a medical agreement because now there is a problem.


JORGE: Exactly, specifically ASSEMBLY. What time will it start?
RAFAEL: The nine will be doctors
JORGE: Now, nine will be then. 09:30
RAFAEL: I do not believe (unintelligible)
JORGE: I have to be there at eight, well, fuck it.
RAFAEL: THE PRESIDENT is calling at eight o'clock, he tells me, and to start at nine o'clock because there are several issues, your case, the case of allocating money for the construction of the facilities they will do with the remaining money all these things, see a discussion and it will take a long time, doc.
JORGE: Already
RAFAEL: Mmm, so that's why I also made you consider how your request is called so that on the first agenda (INITELIGIBLE)
JORGE: Oh ya, ya On the first agenda I am?
RAFAEL: If and the first is you, your name, your pes pes doctor things
JORGE : And concretely I'm going to this, for something fast and how pa people understand pes pes brother
RAFAEL: But Dr. FIFTY (50), we're getting one hundred and fifty (150) you and one hundred and fifty (150) and I doctor, you have to be clear with that part (unintelligible)
JORGE: As? As?
RAFAEL: We are hosted in 100% of the seventy (170) for you and 100% of the fifty (150) for me (unintelligible) that we are hosted both
JORGE: Ah yes [risas] this is a (unintelligible)
RAFAEL: You have to be clear, doctor, if not, if not I, too, chambeed a doctor (unintelligible)


JORGE: Oe already and what they are going to ask and ISAMEL will want to ask your part because everything is well
RAFAEL: That's why I'm saying, Doctor, what you want is JUAN CARLOS and (ININTELIGIBLE) you … you have your right that is included in your service, that, that (INTEGELIBLE) and he told me that I can not control me (ININTELIGIBLE))
JORGE: clear
RAFAEL: (Unintelligible)
JORGE: SUNAT is charging me, that's after the steps.
RAFAEL: Of course I can not (unintelligible) what corresponds, if I tell you (unintelligible) SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND (600,000) soles SETECIETNOS THOUSAND (700,000) soles that will not pay the community (unintelligible) then you have to be clear , doctor (unintelligible)
JORGE: How are they, the two, they will tell doctor ask so much pes and from there does not give hoe ah
RAFAEL: That's why, doctor, you have to say this HUANCOHUIRE, people will not steal either.
JORGE: (Unintelligible)
RAFAEL: If it will be more, it will not rob people, the doctor, the community
RAFAEL: Therefore (unintelligible)
JORGE: Of course I will ask QUATROCENTOS (400) (INTEGELIBLE)
RAFAEL: Of course it diminishes to TWENTY-TWENTY (320) for people to be encouraged (unintelligible) which is what we have to send (unintelligible) must be clear and precise doctor
JORGE: Of course I … I will leave the proposal and I will let you deliberate
RAFAEL: Of course, of course you have to do this pe (unintelligible)
JORGE: (Unintelligible)
RAFAEL: When there is no agreement more or less there and you will say so far, then I can also as a person understand all these things and I'm leaving there, but I can not go on anymore
JORGE: So JUAN CARLOS and ISAMEL are going to point me in that direction, right? RAFAEL: Yes, yes (unintelligible) I can not because (unintelligible) SUNAT, I can not, I took my services rendered (unintelligible) declared in this way also before SUNAT I can not gentlemen community leaders (unintelligible)
JORGE: Now listen to me, everything continues …, how many days are you going to delay?
RAFAEL: It depends whether or not tomorrow they approve and weigh in this week's course (unintelligible)
JORGE: Already
RAFAEL: Of course, everything depends on tomorrow.
JORGE: Of course
JORGE: Now if I'm going to do it fast and you'll deliberate
RAFAEL: Smart medical course}
JORGE: Dad, let's see more Tarzan, then?
RAFAEL Already

Audacity of extortion: Chavez Sotelo used the comuneros to extort Las Bambas. (Recreation Peru21)

Extortion hearings: Chávez Sotelo used the comuneros to extort money from extortion audios 2: Chávez Sotelo used the comuneros to extort Las Bambas. (Recreation Peru21)

DATE: 05/02/2019 Time: 16:43:40

EDDIE: Hello, Doctor.
FRANK: How about flat, how are you doing?
EDDIE: Good afternoon, doctor.
FRANK: Where are you?
EDDIE: Where's the doctor?
FRANK: We are in Chahua.


EDDIE: Yes, doctor, I wanted to, I wanted, with Dr. JORGE (ININTELLIGIBLE) doctor, I wanted to communicate before, in my name was the engineer EDWIN.
FRANK: Ya e … What does that idiot AMORETTI want?
EDDIE: He says to me, they say in Yavi Yavi they are bronchising, hey, they already put him on the dock, they dug him so he was telling me and told him who's to blame for you, well, here we complied, we waited , no, this is not my fault, but the director is already requesting or going to take care of things here, we will not give anyone a favor, I said that's why he told me, no, no, not a favor I would like to communicate with GREGORIO not he answers me you can get the word out because, but because we talk or want to talk or we want NEW FUERABAMBA where they want, talk, but we already have to talk to us we no longer speak as he is the same without. .. TCM without them. Not? We noma so eh at the same time we call.
FRANK: It's nothing, do not listen to me, do you have to talk to the huevon already?
EDDIE: If it's fair …
FRANK: You know it was the businessmen's fault yesterday.
EDDIE: Exactly they were guilty by the doctor, that's why I told him before and after I cut him no more doctor me because I know you do not have time I'm in the middle I say, I cut him
FRANK: Send me, listen to me, send them to hell, understand?
EDDIE: If he's a doctor, and if he calls me now, now he calls me back and I'm going to get a doctor to film.
FRANK: Listen to me, what they're looking for is to take care of their skin, understand?
EDDIE: Yes, yes, yes (UNINTERRUPTED) this is what you want to be a doctor
FRANK: It's to take care of, your skin because ahjora they say little bitch we shit and we had to solve the cholitos and the advisors were going to wait for anything we were going to have, right?
EDDIE : Of course, the doctor is already well, already
Frank : Now, now what you have to do, son, listen to me ah, even if they call GREGORY, what the fuck is that?
EDDIE: Already
FRANK: Nobody's going to talk to these bastards here, understand?
EDDIE: Yes, doctor, it's okay, okay.
FRANK: You know why, because today we talk to him, with MAJOR in YAVI YAVI
EDDIE: Already
FRANK: Already and they already told you this here is the, it is that son yesterday for the documentation that we made until the hours we have the chambeado to see me say
EDDIE: see you later, I was going to doctor
FRANK: son late that's why we went to relax a little to the football game and those great whores had played until eight at night
EDDIE: (laughs) If you can not doctor, let's play (laughs)
FRANK: Late, so what did you say, if gentlemen are right, I will not do anything here, you realize child, when we act, when we act with documents, the company will shit
EDDIE: As well doctor, it is very clear if the other times we are already going to send them to roll, I do not know who will have given I think my number
FRANK: already since you already have your block of numbers, you do not say anything
EDDIE: Doctor ready.
FRANK: Nothing son then GREGORY when you are with GREGORY as well, and brother will want to call you from the company here has nothing, with these people you do not have to say anything or solve anything and just, right now I am in the restaurant COCOLOCO in the center.
EDDIE: Yes Yes
FRANK: There are those of the company, for example, NANCI is after the other BARNECHEA
EDDIE: The idiots are there.
FRANK: They are there and just when I say, the shells of the company are to blame, the bitches look at me like that with a face that they will make me, they know I blew their asses.
EDDIE: Of course, Doctor, Doctor is fine.

FRANK: So the company's son sucks.
EDDIE: Doctor ready
FRANK: Already then, you have to internalize son the power now you have, we have all of us
EDDIE: yes doctor
FRANK: We do not need to have an error, not a millimeter of error
EDDIE: If the doctor just because that's why I'm telling you doctor
FRANK: Now, my son, please, calmly, come back as fast as you can and throw yourself in the lao of your, your partner, GREGORY, please son, you are one, you two, with us, you are one.
EDDIE: if the doctor does not care the doctor does not
FRANK: and son, then, anything that the son calls, whatever the hour
EDDIE: Already a doctor

FRANK: Anytime, understand?
EDDIE: Yes, yes, doctor.
FRANK: Ya son, be careful no more a hug child take care
EDDIE: Thank you very much, thank you doctor (ININTELIGIBLE)
EDDIE: Bye, bye.

► Caso & # 39; Los chavelos & # 39 ;: preliminary detention of the brothers Chávez Sotelo

Audios of extortion 3: Chavez Sotelo used the comuneros to extort money from Las Bambas. (Recreation Peru21)

Audios of extortion 3: Chavez Sotelo used the comuneros to extort money from Las Bambas. (Recreation Peru21)

DATE: 2/16/2019 TIME: 17:21:14

WILLY: Hello
FRANK: How about WILITO How are you?
WILLY: Here he hears rain
FRANK: Where?
WILLY: Taking the width in CHALLHUA
FRANK: Oh, you're in CHALHUA and how are you?
WILLY: Yes, there is a little health, but there we go
FRANK: [Risas] What does the job say?
WILLY: Oh, there they are. […]How about FRANCITO Where are you?
WILLY: Where are you
WILLY: How's the subject, TWENTY-TWO (21)?
FRANK: PAL THURSDAY is no longer there depends on the company is not the community Have your meeting already on MONDAY
WILLY: Already
FRANK: This will set things right.
WILLY: You think we can put something together, you have to get some, some already consistent proposal so that the company can feel because it is going to be between pulse, pulse that egg does not solve anything, but you have to talk before
FRANK: But I will not take anything, but who has to come is the company of me because I have to say something
WILLY: Not so, but they can anyway … Bone, they have to … load it because that, this difference they are asking for is abysmal is also exaggerated
WILLY: Discount Home Sale [risas]
FRANK: What?
WILLY: Discount Home Sale [risas]
FRANK: Oh no, but if they proposed something abysmal, as they will also propose a stupidity
WILLY: That is why pe is not there, there is no if you see at that level there is no business or there is no such agreement as the level you would not do. I do not allow, there is no accessibility, but the difference is abysmal, so low,
FRANK: Of course both sides are crazy
WILLY: Ah ah
FRANK: Already
WILLY: That would have been, would have to evaluate the way to readjust
FRANK: But then they revalorize this I will more or less see, but you have to wait for what it says to the other side
WILLY: But in what they have, in which they remained in each other's hands, I could not be with that gas note of France … ah
FRANK: (Unintelligible) sucks
WILLY: Ah things have complicated us (unintelligible)
FRANK: They're calling me, too. I do not know who I think (unintelligible) to shit for MARTIN VIZCARRA
WILLY: Because?
FRANK: Of course, they are calling me gas zone
WILLY: But the government is not, as it is private, the government does not have much to do
FRANK: (Unintelligible) the privation is cagao huevon, the private one has to break the tail
WILLY: To whom?
FRANK: When I deprived


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