Carlos Tubino asks Diviac boss to exert "psychological pressure" on detainees in "dungeons" | Photo 1 of 2 | Politics


Accusations everywhere. The spokeswoman for Popular Force , Carlos Tubino , accused the head of the High Complexity Research Division (Diviac) of Colonel Harvey Colchado of the PNP, of being a "political police" and of "exerting psychological pressure" on those detained by the preliminary prison.

In the middle of the Defense Commission – chaired by APRA congressman Jorge del Castillo – the head of Diviac explained how the intervention at the home of the late President Alan Garcia was held on April 17.

At the exhibition, Carlos Tubino confronted Colchado and told him that the City Hall of Lima is a dungeon.

"Well, it's a dungeon, the dungeon of the City of Lima, where the prisoners are taken from Peru, not in Peru, but in Lima, to the dungeons of the prefecture in the preliminary prisons and there they are Placing psychological pressure on those who are arrested so that, in the end, they can facilitate the work of the public prosecutor.This is correct when it comes to human rights? said Tubino.

It was then that the Minister of the Interior, Carlos MorĂ¡n, showed his displeasure by the terrible treatment to the policemen who were to declare.

Carlos Tubino on the Defense Committee. (N-Channel)

Carlos Tubino on the Defense Committee. (N-Channel)


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