Carlos A. Mannucci Vs. César Vallejo: Chemo & # 39; Del Solar and José Soto will have their "classic" on Monday for promotion | Second division


The champion of Second division and a winner of a quota for the 2019 Decentralized Tournament will be defined between César Vallejo and Carlos A. Mannucci, in the so-called modern classic of Trujillo. The first final will be played next Sunday.

But this will not be the only classic in this duel. Joseph & Quot; Chemo & # 39; of Solar , coach of the Poet & # 39 ;, and José Soto , coach of the Tricolor, will play a separate duel. Two old acquaintances, identified with Sports University and Alianza Lima, respectively, the faces will be seen in a series that promises thrills in abundance.

César Vallejo, who had lost 3-1 in the first match, defeated Juan Aurich de Chiclayo by 2-0 at the Estadio Municipal de Casagrande on Sunday and advanced to the grand final of the promotion tournament.

César Vallejo Carlos Mannucci: the history of the confrontations of the finalists of the Second Division

Carlos Mannucci, meanwhile, had fallen 2-0 to Cienciano in the first leg in Cusco, but in the rematch he was injured by 5 to 2 at the Mansiche stadium in Trujillo.

The champion will meet after the round games. The first final will be played on Sunday, November 25, and the return will be on December 2. They would be played at the Mansiche stadium.

Renzo Sheput and the emotional celebration with his wife after marking for Cienciano [VIDEO]

Cienciano Vs. Carlos A. Mannucci: the celebration of Renzo Sheput after scoring a goal. (Mannucci)

Objective of Renzo Sheput. (Youtube)


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