Wednesday , June 16 2021

Calle de las Pizzas: the before and after the bohemian passage of Miraflores | PHOTOS The trade | Lima | Events

On Saturday, January 12, 18 Rua das Pizzas, closed and today began the dismantling of the wooden modules that these establishments placed in part of the public space. According to the Municipality of MirafloresThis is the first step to changing the face of one of the district's busiest areas.

Calle de las Pizzas, originally called San Ramón Pass and located opposite Kennedy Park, has become in recent years a place for prostitution, drugs and prostitution.

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Carlos Ramírez, manager of Urban Development and Environment of Miraflores, explains that the place popularized by the great supply of Italian food has undergone negative changes. The misuse of pubs, bars and restaurants made it an unsafe place, despite the fact that at the beginning it was a gastronomic and familiar spot.

"The buildings of Calle de las Pizzas must have been built around the 30s and 40s of the last century, initially at Calle San Ramón and between 70 and 80 became a pedestrian crossing with Italian food. following, was degenerating, "he told El Comercio.

Therefore, the Municipality of Miraflores prepares a project for the installation of public lighting, a dry pool and the exchange of the entire floor. He estimates that the new version of Calle de las Pizzas will be inaugurated before half a year.

According to Ramírez, the idea is to be a culinary, cultural and family avenue. "We want it to be pleasant, safe and respectful of the environment," he said.

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