Black Friday | Bet on nostalgia to sell products during the next Black Friday | Cybermonday | economy



The online store Brands Of aims to spread nostalgia with its products from Latin America and that seek to reactivate the local economies of their countries thanks to the consumption of the diaspora in the United States and with special offers during the "Black Friday" it's him "Cybermonday"

Brands Of was born in 2014 with two needs: helping local producers in countries like Puerto Rico and Mexico and ensuring that migrants can easily access traditional products from their land, explains Alan Taveras, one of the founders.

Together with his brother Nestor, both entrepreneurship in a time of great economic crisis in Puerto Rico and a huge population exodus to the United States.

It was then that the two brothers remembered how happy they were when they received postal mail from their mother with typically Puerto Rican products during the stays of students abroad and the feelings of nostalgia that awakened in them every time they received a package.

It is these feelings that they now want to share with expatriates from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, among other countries with whom they work.

The US represents a strategic market for this initiative: 57 million people identify themselves as Latinos, of whom approximately 50% come from Mexico.

This explains the success of this branch of the company: just one year after its inauguration, Brands Of Mexico already has a larger volume of brands and products than the rest of the divisions.


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