"Avengers: End of the Game" | Pre-sale tickets for debut will begin this week | Avengers 4 | Marvel Studios


"Avengers: End of the Game"is the most anticipated film by fans of Marvel Movie Universe (MCU) and the big question around the world is when will the pre-sale tickets for this movie be?

As you know, in Peru "Avengers: End of the Game"opens on Thursday, April 25 and on social networks and the expectation grows to get early tickets for the film's premiere.

RPP Noticias talked with the representatives of two film chains in Peru about when the pre-sale of tickets will begin "Avengers: End of the Game"in Peru.

Internal sources of Cineplanet, revealed that "this week" will be the pre-sale of "Avengers: End of the Game"In Peru, however, not even the house of distributors authorized the exact date.

On the other hand, Diego Ventura. Cinemark's press agent, noted that they are still waiting for the confirmation of Disney to announce the beginning of pre-sale of tickets.


In other countries in the Latin American region, confirmed dates for ticket pre-sales are already known. "Avengers: End of the Game"In Chile, fans will be able to buy tickets from April 2, the same date that some cinemas in Mexico will also make the advance sale of tickets.

On the other hand, in the United States, some of the countries that contribute the most in the world box office would also begin on April 2, "Avengers: End of the Game"He just trained in North America on April 26.


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