Wednesday , January 27 2021

Arequipa: DNA confirmed that a minor and his brother have bred a baby | Peru

Two weeks after the case of a child under 13, who gave birth to a baby who would be the daughter of his own brother, in the district of Majes, in Arequipa; what was feared was confirmed.

The result of the DNA Testing ordered by Provincial Criminal Prosecutor's Office of El Pedregal has determined that 13-year-old and 14-year-old siblings are parents of the youngest who are currently 2 months old. Confirming a case of incest.

According to data released by public ministryThe 22 markers used for this evaluation determined a probability of paternity of 99.999% between the genetic profiles of the father, 14 years old and the baby.

This fact became known to the authorities on May 5 after Yony Mamani Diaz, the teenagers' father, told authorities in El Pedregal that his sons had begot the baby. When they arrived at the scene, the minors were found in an abandoned state.

O public ministry He arranged for the baby to be transferred to a local hospital for malnutrition while his parents were staying in shelters.

After knowing the results, this case was referred to the Family Promoter of Arequipa to determine if there was an infraction by the child under 14 years.

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