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Apurímac: 76 people were poisoned after consuming food at sporting events The trade | Peru | Apurimac

A total of 62 children and 14 adults were found intoxicated After eating at a sporting championship held in the Andarapa district of the province of Andahuaylas (Apurímac), Last April 24.

Children, schoolchildren and parents from the communities of Chanta Humaca, Huancas, Illahuasi and Andarapa participated in this event. Foods such as aguadito chicken, noodles with huancaína quinoa cream, cheese and milk were distributed at this event.

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The products for food preparation were donated by the municipality of Andarapa and by the parents. Some were even taken from the Qali Warma program.

On Thursday 25, four children with symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting arrived at the Andarapa Health Center. Similarly, throughout the day, 20 people in the Chanta Humaca community had reported symptoms over the phone. intoxication.

The reports continued on 26, 27 and 28 April, from other communities and from Andarapa itself. All those affected said they had eaten food in the sports competition.

Faced with this situation, the Regional Health Apurímac arranged two ambulances, four vans for the transfer of patients to the Andarapa health center, ten doctors, 21 nurses, nine obstetricians, 21 nursing technicians and a group of support brigades.

To the place came agents of the National Police, public prosecutors, and a contingent of the Regional Health Board to collect samples and determine the causes of intoxication.

The executive director of Qali Warma, Fredy Hinojoza and the regional coordinator of that program in the region were also reached. Apurímac, Ronald Valer Palacios, who checked the warehouses where are located the products of Qali Warma. They have confirmed that they will make complaints about the use of these products in a specific activity.

After several days in the Andarapa health center, the victims of intoxication They have already been dismissed. No critical case has been reported.

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