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The electric car Apple , which is being sponsored by Project Titan, could introduce the company into a new market segment, after beginning to see some decline in the sale of handsets such as the iPhone.

According to the portal Computer Today For some time, there has been a debate about Apple's secret automotive design, which could well be an automatic steering system for vehicles or a self-contained electric car. Now, after the latest moves, it seems that Apple is working on its own electric car.

A month ago, the vice president of engineering behind the latest electric propulsion system Tesla Michael Schwekutsch left the company. Well, it looks like your new destination is the Titan Project, Apple's division dedicated to the company's future electric car bite apple.

In this way, one of Tesla's best engineers joins this interesting project from Apple, which could result in the company's first electric car. So Schwekutsch himself, along with Doug Field, who was a long-time engineering executive at Tesla before returning to Apple, will lead this future project.

The bite apple company would also be hiring other former Tesla employees to try to give consistency to the new group of engineers behind Apple's electric car.


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