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Antauro Humala will be isolated and transferred to Ancón I prison for coordinating political issues

Convicted Antauro Humala will be transferred to Ancón I prison, after coordinating political issues with the União Por el Perú (UPP) party, despite being prohibited from doing so, at meetings at which he also promoted the presidential seat.

As expected The Republic, the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) had decided that ex-president Ollanta Humala’s brother would serve time in another prison. By note, they confirmed the measure.

They specified that preventively will be isolated for a period of seven days, based on article 85 of the Penal Execution Code Regulation, which establishes this penalty when the prisoner practices a serious disciplinary offense that affects the integrity of the people or the security of the prison.

In addition, the National Penitentiary Council ordered the release of prison authorities from Ancón II prison responsible for ensuring that Humala Tasso does not break the rules. From this center he attended political meetings over the phone.

INPE informs that in addition to these sanctioning measures, disciplinary proceedings are initiated against the convict and that the result achieved by the Board of Directors will be made public.

Antauro Humala was sentenced to 19 years after he was found guilty of the crimes of rebellion, simple homicide, aggravated kidnapping, among others, for leading the ‘Andahuaylazo‘, which resulted in the death of two reservists and four policemen.

Reject transfer to Challapalca

This Sunday afternoon, deputy José Vega, who is also president of the ABOVE, guaranteed that the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Ana Neyra, confirmed that they were going to transfer the convict to the prison of Challapalca, in Puno.

The same position was held by the national press secretary of the Peruvian Patriotic Front, Carlos Repetto. However, consulted by this means, the ministry’s press denied this version.

“The transfers are to places with the same characteristics as the prisoners, so it could not be (the transfer) to a maximum security prison. Today

day that INPE would have to inform ”, indicated the ministerial portfolio.

Coordination Antauro Humala. Although Ancón II prisoners had restrictions on political activity, Javier Mendoza, José Vega, Jim Mamani, Rubén Ramos and María Bartolo maintained contact with Antauro Humala, who was convicted of murder and kidnapping. Photo: Diffusion

Antauro Humala promotes a new presidential vacancy

Prisoner Antauro Humala was visited in Ancón prison by at least 5 UPP congressmen: Jim Mamani Belly, Ruben Ramos Zapana, Javier Mendoza Marquina, Jose vega and Isabel Bartolo Romero.

As reported the president of INPE, Susana Silva, parliamentarians have the power to enter prisons when they so require for the exercise of their supervisory functions, but the aforementioned they would have taken advantage of this benefit to find themselves for political reasons.

“These parliamentarians who entered for control purposes have used the opportunity to have conversations of a political nature, which is also not allowed,” the head of INPE told TV Peru.

The version was confirmed by UPP deputy Rubén Ramos Zapana, who confirmed that he talked to the convict about the new presidential vacancy request during his visits to the prison.

Lawmakers “took advantage” of their powers to visit Antauro Humala and maintain political coordination, according to the INPE official. Photo: composition by Fabrizio Oviedo / La República.

Last Thursday, Peru 21 broadcast some audios in which President Antauro Humala is heard participating in a virtual meeting with leaders of the UPP and the ethnocaceist group, in which he encouraged support for the presidential vacancy against Vizcarra Cornejo.

“We put the government in check and see this as a step towards next year’s electoral process, because here are defined who the systems are and who the anti-systems are. In this regard, we must support the current president of Congress. All commissions must jointly plan democratic actions on the streets ”, he says he also tried to run for Congress in 2020.

In the recording, the convict is also heard defending Edgar Alarcón, president of the Audit Committee and who presented the audios against Martín Vizcarra, already Manuel Merino, President of Parliament.

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