Amazon uses an algorithm to fire its workers


The largest global virtual store, Amazon, fired in U.S for hundreds of workers in a year due to the low productivity, a value that he calculated using his own algorithm.

According to The Verge portal, a letter signed by a lawyer representing Amazon explains that hundreds of workers at the Baltimore Logistics Center were dismissed between August 2017 and September 2018. To be exact, they had 300, more than 10% of the plant, which has about 2,500 employees.

The reason for layoffs is the productivity with which the online shopping giant upheld its business model.

The lawyer's document adds a list of about 900 workers, where he justifies his dismissal by "productivity" or "productivity trend."

The work pressure that workers have to undergo is due to the efficiency they must achieve in each order and, to ensure productivity quotas, Amazon has patented an algorithm that measures employee efficiency.

"The Amazon system tracks the productivity rates of each worker and automatically generates warnings or disconnections related to quality or productivity without the participation of supervisors," the letter states.

This system measures the time that workers go without doing their job. If you overreact, you will issue notices that may lead to dismissal of the employee. This makes many workers do not go to the bathroom to avoid harming your productivity.

Amazon has responded from its Spanish subsidiary to the ABC media that the multinational offers "competitive salaries in the industry" as well as "a full package of benefits and excellent opportunities for professional growth as well as a safe and modern work environment." "

The company claims to have so many "performance expectations" from companies and that those that do not meet the level of expected expectations are helped by "dedicated training."

They also deny that an employee is dismissed prematurely before receiving "specific training to help them improve and additional training."


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