Amazing! Announced Cadence of Hyrule: NecroDancer Crypt


The rhythmic action of this video game reaches the universe The Legend of Zelda on Nintendo Switch.

During the last Nintendo Direct, starring independent studios, the Tape games presented the promising adventure of rhythmic action Hyrule Cadence: NecroDancer's Crypt featuring Zelda Legend for the Nintendo Switch which, as its name suggests, will allow us to enjoy its exciting musical action in the Zelda universe.

"Play as Link or Princess Zelda and explore the dungeons and the randomly generated world to save Hyrule, follow the remixes of The Legend of Zelda classic to move, attack, defend and much more," says the official description of the video game , which is accompanied by a fantastic ad trailer.

"Always try to take a step ahead of enemies and bosses … and get ready for a musical challenge of epic proportions!" Continues the authors of Cadence of Hyrule. The Nintendo Switch video game, which will premiere in spring exclusively in digital format, will feature 25 classic remixed themes from The Legend of Zelda.

Hyrule's cadence will allow us to equip ourselves with iconic Zelda saga objects as well as others based on the NecroDancer's Crypt while fighting against Centaleons, Hylian soldiers and other creatures of the Nintendo universe.

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