Allen Adham said that Blizzard tried to show something about Diablo 4


During the history of BlizzCon, Blizzard has been able to please its fans and in general, it can be said that the company almost always comes out well liberated after the revelation of its next titles. However, BlizzCon 2018 gave something to talk about, in addition to its announcements, what happened to Immortal Devil and the absence of anything related to Diablo 4, a topic that generated a lot of information about the existence or not of plans by Blizzard and recently Allen Adham talked about it.

As you will remember, fans of Devil They expected BlizzCon 2018 to know some ad related to the franchise and although the development team has confirmed that they are working on new deliveries but that there were no revelations to be made at the event, the expectation revolved around a surprise. It was then that he revealed himself Immortal Devilmobile game that generated an adverse environment for Blizzard and whose presentation was surrounded by rumors about plans that would show something of Diablo 4, which were later denied by the company. However, during an interview with Gamedaily.bizAllen Adham, co-founder of Blizzard, was asked about this situation and although he decided to keep discretion on the subject, he assured that if there was an intention to show something about the next installment of Devil and he just said, "we tried."

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