Sunday , June 13 2021

Alianza Lima: Leão Butrón gives his opinion after Montoya’s declarations in the Copa Libertadores | nczd | PERUVIAN FOOTBALL

Lima Alliance ended its participation in Copa Libertadores 2020 this week after facing Nacional in Montevido. The Blue and White team fell 2 to 0 and said goodbye to the tournament with only one unit in the classification, group F.

At the end of the meeting, Mario rooms made the decision that whoever accompanied him to the press conference would be Carlos Montoya, a fact that generated criticism in some for not explaining why the more experienced came out to show their face after the bad result.

Leao Butroncaptain of alliancehe spoke to ESPN FC and gave his opinion on what happened in Uruguay.

“When the game was over, the people of CONMEBOL made me stay in the field to give a lecture and I did. I don’t know where it came from. When I arrived at the locker room, the teacher chose who would go to the congress and we respect him “, said the goalkeeper.

Montoya he is a player who is leaving, he has already played LibertadoresThey usually play the local league and we still believe that at 19 they are young. For the love of God. We adults have to stick our chest out, but inside we are all the same ”.

Mario Salas has the endorsement of the club

Mario has a contract for next season. We are living day and day, and day to day gives us a permanent assessment. We are giving you the vote of confidence for your continuity“, Indicated Victor Hugo Marulanda, Blue and White sports director, for RPP.

There is an idea for which we adjust the teacher, because we want to be bossy on the court, to have a lot of ball possession. There is a job that the coach does during the week, but for me it’s more the player’s decisions than the coach’s“, He added.


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