Alert Convihve A.C. for risky sexual practices among young people


Juan Bosco, president of Convihve A.C (Photo: Sayra Casillas)

By: Sayra Casillas/@ SayraCasillas2

Morelia, Michoacán ( .- The president of the civil association Convi, Juan Bosco Valle Delgado, warned of the high incidence of risky sexual practices, mainly between young population of the state, a situation that opens the door to contagion HIV Aids, suffering that so far this year has taken the lives of three children under 24 years of age.

Two weeks after the commemoration of World AIDS Day, the representative of the group founded 18 years ago, recalled that since February 13 of this year of 2018 until today they have made several days in application in quick tests for the detection of the virus in different parts of the state, whose results show, on average, two positive cases for each 100 tests, figure slightly above the national average.

He commented that a matter of concern is the apparent Relaxation which addresses the issue of prevention of this disease, especially in men.

"It is serious because we are seeing that young people are not protecting themselves, are having their sexuality irresponsibly and are putting themselves at risk of infection … we are very sad to see that this year we have already had three deaths of young people 24 years of age in the AIDS phase due to a late diagnosis, "he explained.

In addition to the World AIDS Day, for the first time on December 1 will be celebrated in Michoacán State Day for the Fight against the Human Immunodeficiency Virus– HIV / AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, with the aim of preventing, sensitizing and informing the population about the risks that this disease implies as a problem of public health.

The measure was approved by the last legislature of the State Congress in July of this year. In his view, the opinion of the then members of the Health and Social Welfare Commissions, as well as the Commission on Human Rights, showed that, according to data from the CENSIDA, a Nacional level from 1983 to the first half of this 2017 they were diagnosed 19,336 cases of HIV / AIDS, while in Michoacán, during the same period, 5,974 cases were reported.

However, according to data from the head of the Department of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS, Carmen Chacón Sánchez, published in April this year in the local media, in 2017 they diagnosed 333 new cases (285 in men and 48 in women). ), to an accumulated 7,044 cases between 1985 and the end of last year.



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