Alan García | Barnechea: "We must end the collusion of the judicial mafia with the improvised government


The former candidate of the Popular Party Alfredo Barnechea attacked on Thursday against the government and the Judicial power during the vigil of former President Alan García, who died on Wednesday after firing a gun at his home in Miraflores.

Barnechea He arrived in the main hall of the House of the People & # 39; with some Popular Action parliamentarians and gave a farewell address to García Pérez, in which he linked his death to a "conspiracy" between the Judicial power and the government of President Martín Vizcarra.

"(The arrest warrant) caused this tragic arrest on April 16, when, only 7 days later, Barata would make his statement.

What about the drop in polls, do they have any relationship? We must end the collusion of the judicial mafia with the improvised government"He commented.

Reflection after the death of Garcia

Barnechea lamented the circumstances in which García Pérez He passed away and gave his whole family condolences. He also said that the death of the former president "calls for reflection" at the national level so that justice is no longer a "media show."

"This death is a death that calls for reflection to straighten Peru, to end depreciation, to end polarization and for justice to be justice and not a media spectacle."He commented.


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