AirPods 2 are now available from the Apple Store in limited quantities


Last week they started to arrive the first units of AirPods 2 to their corresponding users. However, in those early days there was no stock in Apple stores. Today, Monday, it seems that this stock is starting to arrive, although in Spain they are only found in two stores at the time of writing these lines.

First stock in stores and shipments in 2-3 weeks

Now, of the ten apple stores that exist in Spain, there are stock of AirPods 2 in two of them: Puerta del Sol in Madrid and Colón in Valencia. Those who approach one of them should be able to pick up the second generation headphones and take them home.

Another option is home delivery by placing the order online. For those who choose this route at this time, the wait will be long. The strip that Apple gives of deliveries is between April 16 and 24, about two or three weeks.


As we saw on the Apple website, the stock and delivery periods for online orders are identical in three new products: wireless charging case, AirPods 2 and AirPods 2 with wireless cover. It's early to draw conclusions about your sales, although we can say that they will certainly be at a good pace.

AirPods and Apple Watch make up the category of wearables of Apple along with Beats headphones. In recent years, this segment has been one of the stars in Apple's financial results, providing year-over-year growth for the company.


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