After four days of disappearance, young man appears dead in Juliaca


After four days of being disappeared, the body of Rubén Edwin Rafael Rafael (22) was found in the morgue of Carlos Monge Medrano Hospital, in the city of Juliaca, in the region of Puno.

Continuing with his relentless search, Rafael Rafael's distressed relatives arrived at the morgue of the mentioned hospital, where they received the unpleasant surprise that the young man's body had previously entered.

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Preliminarily, the father of the deceased claimed that the body I had bruises. Apparently strangers beat him to death.

Rafael Rafael was reported as disappeared the last Sunday. One of his cousins ​​had spread his photo on social networks so that the general population could help locate.

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The last time you were seen, the young woman dressed as chullo black, coat and trousers of the same color; Lead pole and yellow shoes with high reed.

The causes of his death are a matter of investigation Homicide of the Criminal Investigation Department of Juliaca.


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