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Videna's walls appear to be anti-seismic in quality and have sustained a chain of tremors in the past nine months. But besides the favors to the judges and resales of inflows, which also causes to lose stability to the Peruvian Football Federation It's a power struggle that has begun since Edwin Oviedo sat in the presidential chair four years ago. Football has become a huge cake that everyone wants to eat.

Let's review how Oviedo's candidacy was forged at the end of 2014. The electoral committee of the FPFAt that time, he scratched Agustín Lozano, one of the aspirants to the position, for having a public position in the municipality of Chongoyape (Lambayeque). Faced with this adverse scenario, Lozano convinced Oviedo to run for the presidency with the same list, with the only condition of keeping him as vice president. That's how they got to the offices of St. Louis.

From then on, the coexistence between the two had ups and downs. Lozano was never taken into account in the sports decisions that Oviedo took with the advisory committee of the time (Gianfranco Castagnola, Felipe Cantuarias, etc). This upset not only the incumbent president, but also the rest of the departmental leagues, a powerful front in any government vote. FPF.

In order to avoid distancing themselves, as has already been revealed in reports and in the last report of the "Fourth Estate", these executives were supported by Edwin Oviedo and Secretary General Juan Matute to have facilities for the purchase of tickets and other benefits. In the end, we witnessed a painful outcome that ended with an open investigation of Conmebol to more than half of the board FPF.

Agustín Lozano lives his most difficult moment as a leader now that he will go through the ethics committee of this continental entity. April will be, as we anticipated, a decisive month for his football career. Curiously, their fate could be decided after the Sub 17 of South America, organized by Peru.

What is not to be repeated is this appetite for power and perpetuity (and here few are saved, the list would not let us close this column) that only harms a federation today economically weak, with a deficit of 15 million soles after so many decisions bad

With Oviedo in pre-trial detention, Lozano was in charge, who is not only a practicing president questioned for ethical reasons, but also weakened as a possible presidential candidate. FPF at the end of the year. Who would vote for him? Are the directors themselves benefiting from these courtesy or preferential sales passes?

In addition to Conmebol deciding to punish the board of the federation or join the FIFA Standardization Commission, it is time to wait for the elections. FPF where those who postulate assume their status as passing birds to add. That would be the healthiest thing to look at Videna's offices as if they were an eternal sky can only lead to a rise with a resounding free fall.


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