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– You want to get it back as fast as you can.


MISTET AU PAIR: The au pair of Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr had to leave the country in May. Now she has to go back. Photo: Frode Hansen

The au pair of Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr is authorized to return to Norway.

The Immigration Directorate has lifted the refusal of the request of the Minister of Justice Jøran Kallmyrs au pairs for a residence permit.

On May 9, the Filipino woman received a one-day deadline to leave Norway, as her stay in Norway was illegal. So now she has to come back and work as an au pair.

THEME: The au pair of Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr had to leave the country

New Information

UDI informs VG that the original refusal was based on the information it gave in the application, which was interpreted as if the stay had a purpose other than cultural exchange, and that it was worked out before the application was submitted to the police.

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In the case of an appeal, however, "nuances and new information" have appeared, which means that the UDI now finds no further grounds for rejection.

In a press release, the Board notes that it is still the case that the au pair did not follow the rules by changing the host family, but now they consider it to be less serious in nature.

"Now we're going to make sure she's really coming back and we're not doing anything wrong. So we want to get it back as quickly as possible, says Jøran Kallmyr to VG

– She has been a great au pair and I am very pleased that she is allowed to continue her dream of being an au pair in Norway and learning from the Norwegian culture. She also wants to be an au pair abroad after that and saves money to start her own small business when she returns to the Philippines, he continues.

"Did you have contact with her along the way?" I realize she told the lawyer she'd like to come back.

"She had close contact with my wife all the way, and we tried to console her by saying we'll see how the case ends, because now you've been given permission to present your vision and facts on the subject," says Cold Ants,

– Norway is a system that has a good system of administrative issues, which means that we have the right to appeal. And the main reason behind this right of appeal is to be able to bring new nuances in the case and bring facts. It happened in this case here now, and we are very satisfied with that.

"Then there's a question for the Minister of Justice. You took a different starting point from what the IDU believed to be the correct interpretation of the matter of moving from home to a family while the processing of the case was in progress. Is it necessary to clarify these rules so that others do not run the risk of ending up in the same place?

– Last Friday, a state board was set aside on au pair issues, and now it is very short time since this decision became known, so I need to investigate whether the fitness is present or not, says Kallmyr.

The lawyer: – Correct decision

Au pair lawyer Ingvild Boe Hornburg is pleased with the conversion and tells VG that she believes this is the right decision in the case.

"I always said it was based on a misunderstanding. I wrote a complete complaint, which is now noticed, and shows that the system works.

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The woman will return to Norway, says Hornburg.

She wants to go back to the Kallmyr family. I do not know when, but she will return as soon as possible.

The refusal did not appear

According to the UDI, the original refusal did not reach the au pair at its declared address, but returned to the UDI after the deadline for the complaint.

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So she was not familiar with the refusal before meeting the police the day before the deadline. She then chose to leave immediately.

The UDI further writes that she was not expelled from Norway and that the case was also closed.

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