You receive these Easter SUVs for less than 200,000 kronor


At the end of Easter many still ski in the cabin. And if you're going on a taxi ride, it's just like the SUV that applies.

It just does not have to cost the shirt, even if you go for a top brand like Mercedes. For example, you now get the great, comfortable second generation ML for less than 200,000 kronor.

But you can also choose to follow a completely different direction with a more popular brand, and get a newer car for almost ten years for the same price.

Here is the car that can take the throne of the SUV back

Mercedes left early

However, let's start with the Mercedes. When ML's first generation hit the market shortly before the turn of the millennium, it was one of the first SUVs on the market.

But it was also a model that had some challenges with reliability.

The second generation came in 2005. And that was something completely different. Comfort, space and, not least, quality were on a completely different level from its predecessor.

Most of these models had a diesel engine. In many ways, it's still the right engine in a big, heavy SUV. You get good off-road at low speed while consumption is reasonable.

The second generation of the Mercedes ML was one step ahead of its predecessor, both in terms of quality and space.

Therefore, you should avoid the first generation ML

Powerful gasoline engine

But as many are negative for diesel now, we find a 2005 model that rolled 182,000 kilometers and has a gasoline engine – 272 hp. Then this car gets the strength it deserves.

Our car is dark blue with a light leather interior – a combination of colors that many know how to appreciate. It also has a lot of equipment: AMG package, great navigation, air suspension, premium sound system, trailer hitch, sunroof, power seats with memory and dark windows, to name a few.

In short, most of you expect a premium SUV in 2005.

The back of the medal

For $ 199,000 this is a lot of car for the money. But you should still think about it before you buy. Most people still want diesel in these cars so it can be difficult to sell when the time comes.

The reason why diesel is still popular in these is of course that consumption is near astronomical with a gasoline engine.

You also need to reserve good money in currency at unforeseen costs. This is not the service and the parts are free for Mercedes. In fact, it can be very expensive – not least, if the air suspension should smoke.

This is the opinion of the owners of the Norwegian ML about your car

Popular alternative

If you are more concerned that the car is reliable and affordable to drive, you can opt for something completely different. For example, we found a 2014 Toyota Rav4 model that rolled 111,000 miles for the same price.

Toyota Rav4 in 2014 does not really cost more than ML. Here you get a much more modern car for the same price.

Here we are talking about a new nine-year-old car! The Rav4 also has a diesel engine. In other words, this is not bad when it comes to consumption.

Parts and services that you can also get with a much lower price than in ML.

There are many equipments, also here: Leather seats with electric adjustment, adjustable rear seats, heated seats, navigation, DAB +, bixenon lights, electric tailgate, removable hitch and keyless access and start.

Less space

For the Toyota part, the back of the medal is that the driving experience is not the same as with Mercedes. Although it is much younger.

The space is also considerably worse – and can "just" pull 1.6 tons, while the Mercedes can control 2.2 tons.

Also, sufficient diesel engine is not what most people want in a Rav4. Here, significant parts of the sale are now hybrid cars. So this can also be a small challenge to sell again.

In other words, it is about giving and receiving this price segment. But most people still find something that suits their use – also for NOK 200,000.

Which SUV would you buy for a maximum of NOK 200,000?

The interior of the Rav4 has a distinctive character. Experienced quality is not on the same level as Mercedes – but it's functional and reliable.

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