World Cup – Paco is criticized for his dismissal at the opening of the Norwegian World Cup. Now it returns


Norway's U-20 national coach Pål Arne "Paco" Johansen offered some surprises against Uruguay. Now he explains what lies behind the choices.

LODZ (Nettavisen): Norway ended up losing 1 to 3 at the opening of the World Cup against Uruguay on Friday night.

Norway started the fight poorly, but delivered a second round that promises well for the continuation of the championship.

Before the interval, when Norway was down with two goals and all the more somber, criticisms began to come from parts of Norway's football against national team coach Pål Arne «Paco» Johansen.

– Do not want to prioritize form players

Viking player Jonny Furdal is not entirely objective, but on Twitter he argued that form player and teammate Kristian Thorstvedt should have had the chance from the start.

"He is in the form of a weapon and probably should have started," Furdal wrote.

"Of course he should. So it's crazy that the trainers are not given priority, "said Joaquim Jonsson, an expert on Eurosport football.

In addition, TV profile Kenneth Fredheim expressed a negative opinion on the selection of the selection of leaders of the selection, on Friday.

– Well on the law of Norway against Uruguay. Håkon Evjen was very good as the right side in Bodø. Without doubt the best offensive. Left it back here. Central parade by Tobias Børkeeiet. Safe ball center and ball winner in Stabæk. Designer Thorstvedt at the bank, Fredheim wrote.

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Respond to criticism

After the match, Pål Arne "Paco" Johansen had the opportunity to respond to criticism.

He responds like this when Nettavisen asks him to explain Evjen's choices on the left, Børkeeiet on a kind of cork stopper and Thorstvedt's denial:

– Børkeeiet always played in that role, we moved to the middle when we returned to 4-4-2 in the second round, it's quite normal for him. Maybe we should have played like this from the beginning, but we played a couple of straight games without scoring goals, so I felt it was natural to start like this, he tells Nettavisen.

He says that Uruguay has recently lost a fight against Ukraine, a team that plays the same way as Norway and with five behind.

"They fought a lot against a fifth behind this fight. There was a bit of evaluation behind this, but when we needed goals and they fell with like this many players and tried to keep the ball, we moved to a greater pressure and we managed with that, says Johansen.

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HEARER: Norway coach Pål Arne Johansen (t.v.), just before the start of the World Cup match between Uruguay and Norway.
Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg (NTB scanpix)

He defends the choice of Evjen as follows:

– There is a bit of risk and gain, we expected to get more in the attacking game than we would lose in the defense game, this fight has become a bit of both, says Johansen.

– Great offensive contributed

The devil was really huge on his left side in the first place. Uruguay drove all of his offensive play against this side, and a great guy, Brian Rodriguez, almost did with the Glimt before resting.

– I think many will fight Rodriguez, he is a good player. I think Evjen got up a lot in the second half when he had good control over him. And I think Håkon contributed a fantastic offense, says the manager of the national team.

"Why did you choose Evjen over Kitolano?"

"That's because I think he's crooked in the attacking game. He showed it here. It was a difficult game, but to leave the group we have to win at least one game, and then we have to score goals. We want to play positive football and then we should have those who are very keen on the offensive game on the field, says Johansen.

The choice to start with form player Kristian Thorstvedt on the bench, he argues:

"He comes first here and I think we have many good tigers and spits here. He came and went both, and I think the evaluation of starting with Erling at the top and the other two ties was right. In addition, he came down late here, and not long ago he played artificial grass battle in Molde, and it is questionable if he was ready for 90 minutes today. Let's look ahead, he's a major player in the cast, and we'll be here for a while. He probably comes over and over, yes, says Paco.

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Against Uruguay, the margins were not on the Norwegian side. Where Norway got a score canceled after a delicate handicap, Uruguay went up to 1-0 because of a bad side.

– A score of three in four chances

In addition, Norway created two great chances in the second half, both ending with a Uruguayan player slipping the ball out of his own goal. With any luck, both can end up with punctuation.

"The fact that we are there on the margins against a team as good as Uruguay is certainly something to build," Paco tells Nettavisen.

He believes efficiency and flow were decisive this time around.

– They scored well in three of the four chances, but that's how international football is. I think we got up a bit at the end of the first round, not least in the second round, and I think we're very close and deserving of points. But they are fatally effective, says Paco.

There are now two group games remaining for the Norwegian side. The next opponent is New Zealand on Monday. This game is also played in Lodz before the group stage ends with the Honduras agreement in Lublin on Thursday, May 30.

New Zealand won the Norwegian's second game with a surprising 5-0 victory Friday night.

"I was right when I said it's easy to underestimate them. They are a good team, and I'm not surprised they have won, but it was a great victory in an opening match. They certainly come with a lot of confidence and know that they should score against us if they want to move on because they can expect Uruguay to be the toughest opponent. Both they and we are in a situation where we need points in this match, so it will be a difficult and close match to start preparing for when we get back to the hotel now, "says Johansen to Nettavisen.

The top two in the group, as well as the top four of six, advance to the round of 16.

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