Woman killed and two men injured after head collision on Skedsmo


A 50-year-old woman was killed while her husband in the 1960s was seriously injured following a head-on collision with a passenger car at Skedsmo on Thursday.

The car with the couple aged 50 and 60 collided with another passenger car in Leirsund, on highway 382, ​​in Skedsmo, in Akershus. The driver of the other passenger car, a man in his 20s, changed overnight from severe to slightly injured, says Eastern police district Friday morning.

Police reported on Twitter at 10:16 pm on Thursday night about the head-on collision. Half an hour later, police confirmed that one person had died. The other two were transported to Ullevål Hospital in Oslo for treatment.

Long investigations

The police kept up all night with polls.

– The technical investigations on the spot have just finished. Several studies remain in the vehicles involved. It is too early to get any idea about the cause of the accident, in addition to which one of the vehicles got in the driving direction, police said Friday morning.

Then the Vegtrafikksentralen Sør had just stated that the 382 freeway had been reopened for traffic.

Spoke with witnesses

During the night, operations manager Terje Marstad in the Eastern Police District informed NTB that there was no one to see the accident but that they still have witnesses.

"We questioned the people who came to the place immediately afterwards. They have status as witnesses in the case, says Marstad.

Police first reported that a person was unconscious and stuck. When the emergency services and the air ambulance arrived at the scene of the crash, they found the three involved in jail. Police have not been talking to the two who survived the accident.

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