Weather in St. Hans: Here it is sun


Both southern Norway and eastern Norway have been characterized by many showers in the past. This weekend, according to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, there may also be some precipitation – but the weather shines with occasional raining sunlight.

Time winners in the south and east

The Meteorology Institute emphasizes that it will be only to the south and east of the country, where we will probably reach just over 20 degrees of the week.

– There may be some periods of usable weather between rainy areas this weekend. Rainfall will decline in eastern Norway during Saturday, and the weather will probably be better in this area later in the weekend, says Statsmeteorolog Magnus Ovhed to the Dagbladet.

FLOODING: On Tuesday, parts of Toten were hit by heavy rains. Police tell the Dagbladet that there is an estimated million NOK damages as a result of the rain. Video: Espen Madsen
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So it seems lighter for the saint's weekend in southern and eastern Norway, but western Norway can also stay in the mansions.

On the other hand, it will be further north in Finnmark.

Shining between the buildings

Ovhed explains that there will be some transient urban areas and the danger of storms in eastern Norway during Friday.

Especially Eastern Norway has experienced a good amount of precipitation and storms in the last 24 hours:

"There were a lot of lightning strikes in eastern Norway last night and last night. Our count shows about 2,300 spokes between 20 and 8, writes the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Ovhed emphasizes that even if the weather seems a bit unstable in the future, it can still improve as soon as the rain falls.

"It looks like the Norwegians can have good weather with the sun on Friday." For southern Norway its part will probably be a rather unstable day, but this is an urban area that goes by. Then there may also be good time when this continues, says Ovhed.

High pressure ensures resilience

It is a high pressure that has accumulated in southern Norway, which ensures good weather for the weekend. This high pressure will move north for the week, and then northern Norway will suffer summer temperatures as the rain approaches again south.

Ovhed emphasizes that although there is a small chance that it will get a bit warmer in eastern Norway, there is still no real heat wave:

"It will be a relatively cold and relatively unstable period throughout the country," he says.

Cool in the whole country

While the Norwegians can catch the sun on Friday, it is still relatively cold in the north; the temperature does not exceed eight to ten degrees in the northern part of the country for a week.

– The weather probably will not be as hot, probably about 20 degrees or slightly below that in eastern Norway, Ovhed beats and adds that next week can also be characterized by low pressure activity.

"It'll be a cool Santa hat all over Norway. So it's okay to bring an extra sweater if you're going to fire. Only in eastern Norway can it approach 20 degrees, writes the Institute of Meteorology.

Birches and low temperatures are likely to be a stark contrast compared to the record summer we had in 2018:

So far in June, there were almost twice as many rains in eastern Norway as in June of last year.

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