Warranty against retraction? Not in Åråsen.


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Never again, the LSK leadership said the fireworks illuminated the city after the series' last match in the fall of 2016. The 12th place was celebrated.

The joy was understandable, because the team had lost only a few rounds earlier. Then the city's own coach, Arne Erlandsen, was collected, games were won and LSK fans could still sing "we never fell".


But that had happened. The squeeze was taken. Not necessarily good grip as it looked from the outside.

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As easy as possible

The key word was football Erlandsen. Simple and uncomplicated, whoever wins the war wins the match. End of the misery that the Swedish Magnus Haglund and Runar Kristinsson tried to introduce (until Haglund reached the fifth place in 2014 and created a fun attack).

Erlandsen became a permanent employee. Enthusiasm. "Erlandsen is a guarantee of relegation", "It will hurt Lillestrøm", "Åråsen will be fast", "LSK will be Norway's best deathball team".

Climbing everything, but a fool among football players. The problem was that nothing was said or written that Lillestrøm was anything other than a survival team. It was important to keep statistics, the elite series since 1975, not better.

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Power Soccer

He was not hesitant. New people were collected during the winter. Energies loyal and willing to work, but not as good as strong. They also came from the lower divisions. They had to overcome their previous level.

And they did. The new 12th place, cupgull, 2017 station was good at Åråsen. The energy ball was worth it. Coaches and players delivered.

And this year? As they say on the street in Lillestrøm, there is always someone weaker. And the Swedish Jörgen Lennartsson, who was picked up after Erlandsen earlier this summer, really tried.

He received the Icelandic Arnor Smarason and the Danish Daniel Pedersen, a recharge of social-professional understanding, but would that be enough?

A crucial night

We do not know, Monday's match against Bodø / Glimt can determine a lot. But after something like a trip, Lillestrøm went through two defeats in the league, in the series against Ranheim and the cup against Strømsgodset. Much like games, LSK continued to lose the ball more often than anyone else. A registered trademark of LSK. So, what can Lennartsson do?

He sees that he has a playing field, where four and five edge and edge players are more fugitive but less creative. No matter which one it uses, they have the same instruction manual.

He sees a defense game characterized by misrepresentations and lack of vigilance. He is in deficit in dribbles, shooters, fighters and finishers, even if punctual bets occur.

Back to the beginning

In fact, it is where Arne Erlandsen was. Dueller, bet, who wins the war wins the match. This club administration requested two years ago.

It will be exciting to see how LSK will come out next season – if they hold the place in Eliteserien.

The battle against Bodø / Glimt has become the most important year of the year. But there may soon be a fight at the end of the year unless Lillestrøm set goals beyond surviving longer in the elite series than any other club in Norway.

As it is said: A team fighting relegation, year after year, destroys and rumors, sooner or later.

Probably they manage this year as well. Ready – but without looking up, they receive no honor.


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