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WADA spent more than 15 million in a failed attempt to clean up its reputation

FOR dopers ruined the joy of Canadian skiing hero Beckie Scott when she won Olympic gold in Salt Lake City in 2002. There she was really the best at the start of the 10km hunt, but that didn’t make it into the results list until the Russians Olga Danilova and Larissa Lazutina were revealed as blood drug addicts.

It took a few years before Beckie received her gold medal. This episode later made her a strong leader in the athletes’ fight for honest competition.

As president of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Beckie Scott has for years been the most courageous voice against fraud. She spoke so clearly against all doping that the heads of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) wanted to get rid of her:

  • Beckie was too strong for the same bosses who ironically claim to want to protect Olympic sports.

Finally, she was intimidated by the important tasks after a power struggle on the WADA council, where IOC staff cynically limited Beckie Scott’s influence on global anti-doping work.

After it came the scandal

After it came the scandal

THE it was a dramatic match that also included American athletics legend Edwin Moses. He chaired the WADA education committee and was one of the brave few who dared to support Beckie in the crucial days of autumn 2018, when the issue of Russia’s exclusion divided the world of sports.

On the WADA board itself, Beckie Scott was protected only by then Vice President Linda Hofstad Helleland and New Zealander Clayton Cosgrove. Together with Beckie, they worked openly to take the global fight against doping out of the IOC’s wet claws.

Since the founding of WADA in 1999, this international control work has been governed by the IOC and elected politicians from each of the member states. The Olympic movement and these politicians alternate between having presidential power, but traditionally the IOC has had the greatest influence. This is due both to the strong money spree of the Olympic monetary movement and the advantage of former sports managers to often sit for decades with close personal ties to all types of sports.

A pity for Norwegian sports: he betrayed her

A pity for Norwegian sports: he betrayed her

CHALLENGES you IOC, you can feel it in your body. At the board meeting in Seychelles on September 20, 2018, which was supposed to decide the fate of Russia, it was Beckie Scott who hitchhiked:

They tried to degrade me; to become small. It was like bullying, Beckie Scott told the BBC after crying after resigning from the WADA leadership over a disagreement over how the sport could end the Russian coup.

This “the bully stamp», WADA leaders did not want to sit down. Completely without the participation of Beckie, who felt pressured, they had their own report that absolved them from intimidation and harassment.

Helleland was tricked

Helleland was tricked

THIS the report appears to be a bizarre exercise in self-righteousness in which lawyers who examined Beckie Scott’s bullying experience used anonymous witnesses and sound experts to find out if it was possible to reveal the mood and facts of the participants in the dramatic WADA council meeting on the fate of Russia.

But the report offered much more than unintentionally cheap entertainment. Now, last year’s WADA accounts show how much this congested acquittal cost:

All they really gave for the money was an almost purely discretionary assessment of the difference “Bullying” and becoming «ridiculed». As the weather was bad at the WADA board meeting, which in autumn 2018 gave Russia another chance to make a mistake, all parties agree:

I felt intense pressure on the way to that meeting. They laughed when I read the list of all the various professional committees that wanted a direct confrontation with Russia, Beckie told the BBC.

Embarrassing for her and Russia

Embarrassing for her and Russia

THE who laughed the most was the IOC Italian pimp Francesco Ricci Bitti (78). The former president of the International Tennis Federation became an octopus in global positions, using arms and tentacles to secure the IOC’s control over all sports:

A witness rolled up and waited for Mrs. Scott to jump on the table and choke on Mr. Bitti, says in the report’s mention of how this influential Italian Olympic veteran at the meeting directly accused Beckie Scott of gaining sympathy by taking a «offer paper». Another witness described the tone of Bitti’s comments as “how would someone talk to a little girl».

It is probably a fairly accurate description of the power language of very adult Olympic men, but not the report’s conclusion. He acquitted Bitti of bullying because he speaks very limited English and because the tone of WADA board meetings was generally harsh.

THE it is strange that WADA management is wasting millions in a report that I had be left as pure commissioned work. After the Covington law firm refused to open witnesses’ interrogation, Beckie Scott declined to participate in the assessment of what had happened at this famous board meeting.

The same happened with athletics legend Edwin Moses, who saw what was happening at these meetings. He supported Beckie’s presentation of the governance techniques of Olympic leaders. Shortly after the WADA meeting that temporarily brought Russia back to international anti-doping work, Moses also took a stand against the IOC’s role in doping control itself.

EXCLUSION: Russia is at risk of being banned from all sports for four years for violating doping regulations. The country’s handball stars try not to focus on that during the World Cup. Video: Red Card.
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IRONIC as a Beckblad commentator, Beckie Scott, Edwin Moses, Linda Hofstad Helleland and I chose the wrong tactics when it came to which ones were best for exposing Russian fraud. After the WADA council brought Russia back to the heat, only the Russians continued to cheat:

This gave WADA experts new crucial technical evidence of Russians’ cheating, which is likely to keep Russia out of major international sports for many years. This case will be taken to the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) next month.

MEN The central issue for sport, regardless of Russia’s fate, is the question of who will decide on the real doping hunt. While Olympic leaders still use all their financial power to ensure that the sport can handle itself, critics try to show how hard it is for the goat to fit in the oat bag.

Beckie Scott was one of those criticisms. She was pushed out. Therefore, a WADA under the control of the IOC was willing to spend millions on a report with an estimate of what happened.

The fact that injustice has affected someone who has been deprived of the joy of winning Olympic gold only shows how cruel Olympic leaders are to maintaining power over international sports.

Alone with bad men

Alone with bad men

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