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Violent Robin (24) in "Paradise Hotel" – that's why he gets involved


CAREYES, MEXICO (VG) Swedish Robin Johansson (24) has served two months in prison for violence against a woman and a police officer. TV3 says that openness and remorse were prerequisites for participation in the reality show.

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In January 2016, Robin Johansson was sentenced in Oslo District Court after an episode the previous summer. The violence was mentioned in several Norwegian media when the current participant of Paradise Hotel was in a longer relationship with blogger Sophie Elise Isachsen. The relationship ended right. before the judgment is given.

Put in jail

Isachsen and Johansson were at a strip club that night, and after an alleged row between the pair having broken Isachsen's girlfriend, says at the trial that VG gained access. Johansson was convicted of having hit his face twice, so she went to the floor. When a police officer intervened, Johansson should have stretched bones on him and then come with death threats. In the district court, Johansson acknowledged in part the punishment, but was sentenced in all points. He received three months in prison unconditionally. He ate in two of them.

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– I did not have much fun, I cried a lot, but in there – I never trained so much, I ate tuna for breakfast, I had routines I never had, I started to get lean. I felt healthy and back. Hearing all the stories and things of the sort, he gets very scared to be a criminal, I was afraid to go there again. It made me think of extra before I get into situations, he tells VG after he has arrived Mexico for participation in reality

– Young, stupid and unstable

He is prepared for the case to return because of the "Paradise Hotel" and he says he wants to show that he has left his troubled past behind.

"Although I've done these stupid things before, that's what I want to do. I want people to see a change and that it is possible to go from the bottom up, says the 24 year old.

Johansson says the interviews during the casting process were a lot about what happened then, and that he was completely open about the past.

"I think they saw it and noticed I'm someone else." After what happened, I did a lot, I was in "Ex on the Beach" and "Secret admirer" in Sweden and other TV productions. I've been young and stupid and unstable, but I'm not the same anymore, he says.

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More important transparency

This notion is also TV3 off, Vee Hanum's communications director tells VG. She says that a trial does not necessarily mean that one can not participate in television programs.

"The most important thing for us in this context is that he was honest with us, and that he atoned his judgment, and that he at least distances himself and regrets what he did," she says.

There are several examples of participants in reality who have kept the hidden offenses of TV productions. During the "Farm" season last year, Kim Stefan Jenssen chose to retire after it emerged that he had hidden from TV 2, it was previously violated. In 2005, one participant expelled from "Big Brother" for the same reason. In 2011, however, Morten Heierdal remained in the "Robinson Expedition", although he was indicted for two serious episodes of violence.

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Casting managers make a discretionary assessment of the participant to the participant, and TV3 has no specific guidelines on how potential participants are considered if they were involved in offenses, according to Vee Hanum.

"The worst thing that can happen is that we discover this judgment later, and we were not given the opportunity to assess whether the participant is suitable or not," she says.

Not worried about alcohol

Both alcohol and party were involved in the violence that Johansson was convicted of. When asked by VG about what ratings TV3 did to put it in a similar environment in the "Paradise Hotel", Vee Hanum replies:

"That's why it's important that he told us about this trial and refrains from it, because if that had come up after he'd checked in and he was in such a scenario, it's hard to gauge how he wants to react."

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She has already stated in connection with another case that violent episodes are something that TV3 has low tolerance. She still believes it.

– Violent episodes are serious, clearly. So it is even more important to talk well about the episodes around him. I think most people agree with me that when people make a mistake, they also have to be allowed to go ahead in life and recover.

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