VIOLENCE , POLICE – Piece of police knife in Egersund


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Two policemen in Egersund stayed at night to pass a piece of knife in the center of Egersund. They came from the incident with minor injuries.

The event took place at 1.25 on the open street in the city center of Egersund.

– The suspect should have contacted a police patrol at the center and alleged that he had been stabbed. In an attempt to help the suspects, two police officers were suddenly attacked by suspects with a knife, police weeping on Twitter at 6:04 am on Sunday.

A man in the 1920s was arrested.

The police were injured and treated in the emergency room.

"They came with apparently minor injuries but are clearly affected after the incident," said Irene Ragnhildstveit, operations manager for the NTB Southwest Police District, shortly before 3:30.

A knife was seized by the police.

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