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VIF announces review after court chaos in Åråsen – VG

Not long ago Bodø / Glimt closed the supporter booth at Aspmyra. Can the same thing happen in Vålerenga after the chaos in Åråsen?

Erik Espeseth, general manager of Vålerenga, at least warns of examining the scenes that took place in Åråsen in the 0-0 derby between his Vålerenga and his rival Lillestrøm. However, he notes that "it is too early to complete anything".

– Now there will be a complete review of the video and photos first. Then there will be talks with all parties involved, so their sum will be crucial for future reactions, he writes in a text message to VG late Saturday.

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Not long ago, Bodø / Glimt opted to terminate its support, even after careless use of pyros and typhoid, which generated major reactions.

Reactions also occurred after the derby in Åråsen on Saturday. Extensive use of fireworks, field fires and even fireworks made the headlines in a 0-0 low scoring match.

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NFF manager about court chaos in Åråsen: – Sad chapter in Norwegian football

– Today's events in Åråsen are surprising, disappointing and unacceptable. Over the weekend and until the first business day of next week, we need to have as much insight as possible into what a sad chapter in Norwegian football is, NFF manager Pål Bjerketvedt told VG.

Clan spokesman Erling Rostvåg partially agrees with Bjerketvedt, but knows that they and the NFF disagree much more.

"Playing pyro on the track is sad, but I suspect he would have said something similar," Klanen Rostvåg spokesman told VG.

– What we consider reasonable limits for supporter groups is not necessarily the same as the NFF. But then we tried to draw a boundary internally, and today some lines have been crossed. It's allowed to be racial, but the fact that a Finnish hooded masked gang shows up a quarter before a fight and starts talking to the police from the first moment is not good, he says.

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Firework fans were characterized by the derby between Lillestrøm and Vålerenga

He says he heard rumors of a selection but was unsure of the scope. The VIF section consists of several groups that cooperate with the club and Klanen, and Rostvåg is aware that several have crossed the Åråsen internal line.

– There is nothing wrong with the flare itself. The problem comes with masking and throwing the pyro on the track, says the leader of Klanen.

“We have a collaboration with VIF, but that deal is broken today, he adds, and says it will be up to Vålerenga to have any consequences.

He also states that the conflict with the apartment after a fight (see video below) occurred as a result of various provocations.

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